Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Double Masters 2022 Cards For Pauper

Double Masters 2022 is an all-reprint set for Magic The Gathering. Each pack guarantees at least two rares or mythics and is curated as a draft format. There are reprints for every format, ranging from Modern to Commander.

The set also includes downshifts in rarity for some cards. This includes some cards gaining a common printing for the first time, making them Pauper legal. Pauper is Magic The Gathering's all-common format, and every card that had a common printing at one point is legal to play (excluding illegal, banned, and acorn-stamped cards). This has buffed popular archetypes while bringing back old ones back.

10 Might Of Old Krosa

Originally introduced in the Time Spiral set as an uncommon, Might Of Old Krosa downshifts to common for Double Masters 2022. It's a very simple spell. For one green mana, you can make a creature gain +2/+2 until end of turn, but if it was cast during your main phase, it will get +4/+4 instead.

Might Of Old Krosa works well in Stompy decks that want to deal massive damage early. It also gives a huge boost to Infect decks, as with just one creature and Might Of Old Krosa, you can get halfway to winning through infect as early as turn two.

9 Dreg Mangler

Dreg Mangler does not slot into any current deck but is looking good enough to form an entirely new deck for the metagame. For one generic mana, one black, and one green, you get a 3/3 creature with haste. When it dies, you can exile it from your graveyard for five mana to give three +1/+1 counters to a target creature.

This allows an aggro Golgari (black/green) to start making waves in the metagame. The colors offer a fair bit of removal as well as powerful, low-cost creatures to make the game spiral out of the opponent's control quickly.

8 Lava Coil

Lava Coil is a new removal spell that Pauper has access to with the release of Double Masters 2022. For two mana, it deals four damage to a target creature. The bonus comes when if it dies, it will be exiled instead.

Despite being a sorcery spell, Lava Coil's exile effect is very relevant, as it can permanently deal with cards with a high amount of recursion. While Flame Slash does four damage for one less mana, Lava Coil is still playable, as it oftentimes acts as another removal spell in decks that can't run black.

7 Fireblade Artist

Fireblade Artist is an easy-to-cast spell, only needing one black and one red mana to do so. It's a 2/2 creature with haste, that can also sacrifice a creature at the start of your upkeep to deal two damage to your opponent.

Even if you don't use its sacrifice effect, it's still a fantastic slot for aggressive Rakdos (red/black) decks. Rakdos has been getting an influx of good sacrifice payoffs with the last few sets as well, allowing for a Rakdos Sacrifice deck to have even more options.

6 Dark-Dweller Oracle

Dark-Dweller Oracle was originally a rare until Double Masters 2022, when it downshifted all the way down to common. It's a fantastic card as well for just one generic mana and one red. By paying a mana, you can sacrifice a creature to exile the top card of your library and play it that turn.

It gives Rakdos decks a solid sacrifice outlet, as well as allows decks to keep up the tempo with creatures that are no longer useful to dig through your deck. It is a 2/2 as well, which are solid stats for a two-drop.

5 Bloodwater Entity

In Pauper, Izzet decks have generally fallen into Faries or Skred decks, with Prowess and Blitz decks falling out of the meta. However, thanks to Bloodwater Entity, Izzet has new toys to play with for Prowess and Blitz decks to shine again.

For three mana, you get a 2/2 flyer with prowess that will also put an instant or sorcery card from your graveyard on top of your library. This allows you to recycle your powerful counterspells and pump spells, which in turns allows you to ensure your prowess triggers will go off.

4 Militia Bugler

Militia Bugler is a fantastic three-drop that is perfect for decks that run creatures with low power. When it enters the battlefield, you look at the top four cards of your deck and add a creature with power two or less from there to your hand while the rest go to the bottom of your library.

This allows you to keep the tempo up and dig through your deck for your creatures. It's great for aggressive decks, as you always want to have more creatures in your hand to ensure you can keep the pressure on your opponent.

3 Izzet Charm

The first of the Guild Charms to be downshifted to common, Izzet Charm is a fantastic addition to any Izzet deck. As with all Charms, it comes with a versatile number of abilities, all while only costing one blue and one red mana to cast.

Izzet Charm can counter a non-creature spell unless the opponent pays two mana, deal two damage to a creature, or draw two cards and discard two cards. Charms are so good since their effects will be useful against any matchup. All of Izzet Charm's abilities are fantastic, and rarely ever dead in any matchup.

2 Tenth District Legionnaire

In Pauper, Mono-White Heroic is one of the best decks in the format. This is built around creatures with abilities that trigger when they become the target of a spell. However, with Tenth District Legionnaire's premiere into the format with Double Masters 2022, Boros (red/white) might become the way to go.

For one red and one white mana, Tenth District Legionnaire is a 2/2 with haste that only grows as the game progesses. When it becomes the target of a spell, it gets a +1/+1 counter and lets you scry one. The scry is important, since Heroic decks generally always want to be drawing into spells, and this allows you to increase the odds that you do.

1 Monastery Swiftspear

A Burn staple in formats like Pioneer and Modern, Monastery Swiftspear gains a common printing and runs away with the title of best Pauper card from Double Masters 2022. It only requires one red mana to cast, and is a 1/2 with haste. This allows it to start hitting for damage as early as turn one.

Not only is its stats good for a one-drop, but Monastery Swiftspear also has prowess, which will give it a +1/+1 boost whenever a non-creature spell is cast. When mixed with burn spells, the opponent will be taking massive amounts of damage, especially if they don't have any blockers or removal to deal with Monastery Swiftspear.

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