Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Blue Cards In Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Phyrexia: All Will Be One is a Phyrexian-heavy set (obviously) that continues the interdimensional (and time-traveling) war between the Phyrexians and the multiverse. Magic: The Gathering took some time away from the Phyrexians to tie up other storylines, but now you get to see the return of fan-favorite, Elesh Norn.

The Phyrexians are back in full force, recruiting Planeswalkers to their team, and they aren't taking prisoners. Blue cards feature some great spells that will make excellent additions to preexisting decks. From artifacts and creatures to instants and sorceries, these are the best blue cards in this set.

10 Blade Of Shared Souls

This blue artifact isn't as powerful as the Mirrodin swords, but your opponents will struggle against it. Play Blade of Shared Souls at the right time and two massive threats will be on the battlefield. The blade attaches itself to a 2/2 Rebel it creates on its own, so finding a creature to attach it to initially isn't a problem. Sadly, this blade doesn't remove the Legendary rule, making it important to choose the copy wisely. This will make for a nice addition in a blue Commander deck.

9 Blue Sun's Twilight

Everybody has heard of Blue Sun's Zenith, now get your hands on Blue Sun's Twilight. These two spells aren't remotely similar, but Twilight falls right into blue's wheelhouse by gaining control of and copying target creature. Gaining control of an opponent's threat is invaluable and arguably better than removal. It throws your opponent's morale off and their mind races to find a solution, throwing off the rest of their game. Often times it leads to a concession, too.

8 Ichormoon Gauntlet

Getting to the ultimate on a Planeswalker never happened so fast. Ichormoon Gauntlet gives every Planeswalker in a deck an additional two abilities. Not only will this artifact be played for as long as it's legal in Standard, it will also find itself in many non-rotating formats.

Proliferating is a powerful ability that affects everything with a counter while taking an extra turn is just as valuable.

7 Tekuthal, Inquiry Dominus

Proliferation is back, and it's back in full force. Tekuthal, Inquiry Dominus is a threatening presence on the battlefield the moment it resolves, giving double proliferation and the ability to gain indestructibility for itself. Once Tekuthal is indestructible, it will be a nigh permanent threat, making life difficult for others while your Planeswalkers gain twice as many counters. Tekathul being able to fly is just icing on the proverbial cake.

6 Unctus, Grand Metatect

Magic cards are gradually becoming less like cards and more like tomes. The amount of text is getting a little out of hand, and Unctus is no exception. He can loot, he can buff, and he can transform creatures into artifacts. These are all beneficial abilities that will come into play at one point or another during a match. However, it's a little much.

Looting is nice and can be taken advantage of especially in a graveyard-focused deck. Some would argue that it's better than simply drawing a card because it allows you to remove any unnecessary cards from your hand or fill your graveyard with necessary spells.

5 Reject Imperfection

Counterspells are synonymous with blue cards, and it wouldn't be a new Magic: The Gathering set without a variation of Cancel. Functional reprints of Cancel have come with many additional effects from exiling the countered spell to giving the caster additional health points.

The difference with Reject Imperfection is the prerequisite to get the additional effect. In this case, you have to counter a spell that costs three mana or less. Otherwise, it's no different from Cancel.

4 Prologue To Phyresis

Cheap spells with multiple effects, due to their versatility and efficiency, make for great spells in tempo decks such as Flash. Prologue to Phyresis searches for an answer while also hitting all opponents with a poison counter. Poison counters are a strong ability in Standard and even more powerful in non-rotating formats, due to the many Infect spells. If nothing else, it evokes a lot of emotions for those invested in characters like Tamiyo.

3 Minor Misstep

Mental Misstep was fantastic during its time in Standard and still sees play in formats such as Legacy and Modern. No doubt Minor Misstep will be similar since it's a functional reprint. This spell differs from its predecessor by countering spells that also cost less than one mana, making it slightly better. If this could be cast for one Phyrexian Mana, it would be strictly better. Control and Tempo decks have a solid answer to Llanowar Elves while Commander gains a strong response the free mana rocks.

2 Mindsplice Apparatus

Tempo and Control decks eagerly awaited this magnificent artifact. Having Flash itself is just gravy, but its ability with oil counters is really exciting. As long as it's in play for a long time, instant and sorcery spells decrease in cost.

That means counter spells, board wipes, draw spells, and so much more can be played for a reduced cost. Blue Sun's Twilight won't be as difficult to cast in order to take control of that one creature you really want to control.

1 Jace, The Perfected Mind

Jace fans were not happy to learn of the mind mage's fate in Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Jace has been the hero with all the answers for decades, but being completed doesn't stop him from being the best at what he does. Mind magic continues being his forte, translating into milling opponents decks.

From the get-go, Jace can make your opponent remove 15 cards from the top of their deck, and that number only increases if you decide to use his first ability a few times. Jace might not be the best Planeswalker in the set, but he remains a threat, nonetheless.

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