Magic: The Gathering Quiz Will Test Your Counterspell Knowledge

Casual guessing games have come back into vogue. We can likely attribute that to the massive success of Wordle and its various knockoffs, but now people are starting to look beyond the Wordle template in their guessing games. For Magic: The Gathering players, this new guessing game will test a very specific subset of cards for which there are a lot of different variations.

Counterspell has been around in Magic: The Gathering since Alpha, but since then it’s branched out into so many variations and permutations that there are now hundreds of different ways to say “no.” The Counterspell Guesser is a simple game that asks Magic players to match the counterspell with the card art, providing a selection of 12 images in the middle and a list of 15 counterspell names in a sidebar.

This might sound easy at first, but you’ll quickly realize this game is a lot harder than it sounds, especially for non-blue mages. Counterspell alone has been reprinted 28 times with 13 different card arts. Memory Lapse has been reprinted eight times with six different card images. And the game isn’t just limited to blue counterspells either, throwing in the occasional black, white, or even red counterspell just to trip you up.

Try to match the images with the name and hit submit to receive a score out of 12. There’s also a big “play again” button. The only problem is that Counterspell Guesser won’t provide you with the correct answers for any guesses you get wrong, making that “play again” button oh so tempting.

Give Counterspell Guesser a go. Maybe in a few weeks we’ll have a “Terror” guesser to pick out your favorite removal spells, or a “Lightning Bolt” guesser for your favorite burn spells.

In the meantime, you can check out this one-of-a-kind pull from a Magic artist received from a recent Secret Lair drop that’ll be getting mailed out soon. Sliver fans will be especially keen to see this one.

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