Magic: The Gathering Community Debates Unfinity Card That Requires You To Share A Selfie

Unfinity’s preview week is over and we’ve seen a lot of very interesting cards, but perhaps none are quite so innovative as Photo Op, the first Magic: The Gathering card to require its player to take a selfie.

Following black’s habit of having totally busted tutor cards, Photo Op is a sorcery that can be cast for one black mana. It requires that the player has taken a selfie before the game where they pose like a particular Magic card with the hashtag "#GuessThatMagicCard" and no other text. Then, after you play the card, "You may reveal a reply posted today with a guess and a card you own from outside the game with the same mane as that guess. Put that card into your hand. Exile Photo Op."

Right off the bat, there's a lot of potential in Photo Op. Besides the obvious use of trying to pose like a Harverster of Souls, you could pose somewhat more ambiguously in order to get a wide range of guesses from social media, giving you a much wider pool of cards to tutor for. However, as noted in a fiery debate on Reddit, the card doesn't specify that the guess has to be from another person. You could easily reply to your own post in order to ensure your ability to tutor for the card that you want. And since it's social media we're talking about here, if anybody complains that self-replies are against the spirit of the card, just make a burner account for making clandestine posts (like a certain busted YouTuber I could mention).

Thankfully, Photo Op is an Unfinity card with an acorn symbol, meaning it's not legal in any format other than Un-sets. A good thing, as this card seems to have been deliberately worded in such a way as to make it hilariously broken for Unfinity's release. If you plan to play at the pre-release, you can add an ambiguous Magic-posed selfie to a long list of things to bring.

In case you missed it, we've found out that the next three premiere Magic: The Gathering sets—The Brothers' War, Phyrexia: All Will be One, and March of the Machine—will all be released physically before arriving on Magic Arena.

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