Magic Fans Play Game In The Middle Of A Mosh Pit

You can play card games like Magic: The Gathering in a lot of places, but in the middle of mosh pit at a cybergrind concert probably isn’t the best place to whip out a 60-card deck. Surprisingly, fans of Machine Girl appeared to be very forgiving of the two Magic players and were perfectly happy to cede a section of the dance floor so they could play out their duel in relative peace.

The video, now doing the rounds on Twitter and TikTok, shows two players duking it out while bopping along to the frenetic and frenzied beats of Machine Girl. And the funny part is, it all sort of happened as a bit.

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"I ran into the guy I was playing against in the merch line before the show and he was showing off some cool custom MTG cards he brought for Matt [Stephenson of Machine Girl]" Jared, one of the Magic players, told IGN in an interview. "He told me he had a bit planned to play a game in the pit. He brought decks but he was looking for someone to play against. I love the game and I thought it was a hilarious idea."

The other player, known only as Big Money Cybergrind [BMC], told IGN they had the idea to play Magic at the concert a month ago, but wasn't able to convince anyone on the Machine Girl Discord to join in. They only managed to convince Jared to play five minutes before the start of the concert.

As for the deck's played, BMC apparently has a soft spot for Kamigawa and Ravinca. "From the 2005 standard format, Zoo and Ghost Dad. [We] got like five games in and the Zoo deck got kicked over," explained BMC. "I have a huge soft spot for nostalgia."

And to anyone thinking that it was "reckless" to play Magic on the dance floor, BMC said that there wasn't really any risk to actual Magic cards. "Everyone around us was stoked about it and when we were done people helped pick up the cards." Plus, the decks were made of proxies anyhow.

Best of all, anyone who orders a Machine Girl tape, CD, or vinyl can expect to receive a custom Magic card. Apparently, Machine Girl are both huge Magic fans.

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