Machop Chops His Way Into Next Pokemon GO Community Day

Pokemon GO will start off strong in 2021, with a new fighting type coming to the game in January. It will be featuring Machop for the first Community Day of the new year. Announced today, the pint-sized powerhouse Pokemon is getting a second chance to be featured after not being able to in February’s Community Day.

This event will begin on January 16, 2021 between the hours of 11 am and 5pm local time. For the first event of 2021, Pokemon GO wants to start off on a positive note in a very uncertain year. Despite COVID-19, Pokemon GO has been thriving and continued to be strong in the mobile gaming market.

There are quite a few notable features worth mentioning about this punchy event. First, Machop’s appearance rate is increased, and if luck’s on your side you may encounter a shiny version. Evolving Machoke throughout the event, or up to two hours after, will earn players a Machamp that knows the move Payback.

Pokemon GO Photographers will also be rewarded with a surprise, should they snap any photos during the event. A one-time purchase of a special Machop Community Day Box will be available for sale in the shop for 1280 PokeCoins. Inside you will find an Elite Charged TM, four incenses, four Star Pieces and 30 Ultra Balls. An extra Machop Community Day Special Research Story is also going to be available for approximately $1 USD.

An important note for those who have already purchased their ticket for the Pokemon GO Tour Kanto: you will get the Machop Special Research Story ,”Straight to the Top Machop” for free. You have to purchase your ticket by January 13,2021 to receive that perk. There will be no in-game medal for completing this research, sadly.

Usual bonuses during the event return such as 3x Catch Stardust and Incense used will last for three hours. As usual, Pokemon GO reminds players to follow all local public health guidelines during the event and to stay safe.

For players in Asia this would probably be a good time to pop in to Starbucks during the event for a drink while catching all those Machop. And don’t forget to check out the holiday event this week for some festive Pokemon fun!

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