Lost Ark: Tier 3 Endgame Guide

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  • What To Do First In Tier 3
  • Focus On Horizontal Content
  • Anguished Isle
  • Start Your Alt Grind
  • Farm Gems
  • Lopang Silver Farm
  • Work On Your Runes And Engravings

Lost Ark's endgame is where the game really starts to come together. Tier 3 is currently available from item level 1100, although the majority of the real endgame content starts at around the 1370 mark – that's Argos, the first Abyssal Raid available.

The grind between the beginning of Tier 3 and accessing Argos is not an easy one. Many players refer to this as the "deadzone", specifically between 1340 and 1370. This guide is designed to help make that process a bit smoother.

What To Do First In Tier 3

The first few hones are the easiest. Trust us – this gets a lot more painful the further you travel toward 1370.

  • Make sure to run your daily Punika Chaos Dungeons.
  • Run two Guardian Raids – the max you have available to you. The Tier 3 Guardians are not difficult, but this is still a bit of a tedious process.
  • Take part in any event available – at the time of writing, the Winter Token event is still live. This is a fantastic way to get materials for honing, including books, breaths, and more.
  • Abyss Dungeons once a week for gold.
  • Daily Tasks for gold income + clearance reputation. Check out our daily endgame checklist guide for more info.

Focus On Horizontal Content

The term "horizontal content" in Lost Ark mainly refers to building out your character by completing other tasks around the world of Lost Ark. You will have a lot more downtime between your progression now that you've hit Tier 3, so it's time to start grinding other aspects of the game.

  • Giant's Hearts – These offer a wide variety of rewards, some of which are relatively easy to obtain. Others require massive Rapport dumps, so it's best you get started sooner rather than later.
  • Island Souls – You earn these by completing island quests and Adventure Islands. Keep a track of whatever Adventure Island is available that day.
  • Omnium Stars – This is a heavy investment, but you best start sooner than later. These are only available once you complete Punika's questline – they are mostly focused on Rapport, but there are a few others for completing different tasks.
  • Masterpieces – Another collectible worth focusing on are Masterpieces, if for the gold injection if nothing else. You can also earn the Judgment rune from hitting 44 pieces in total.
  • Adventure Tome – The Adventure Tome for each continent has some awesome rewards, specifically at the breakpoint of around 70%. You can check out our Lost Ark complete guide for cooking, collectibles, and other secrets. Some continents reward Skill Points potions which provide a big power boost to your character.

Anguished Isle

Players might cringe when they hear this name, but it's a very valuable daily grind in Lost Ark's endgame. Just south of Punika lies Anguished Isle – there's a daily repeatable quest and dungeon here that provides a unique currency, Skein, which can be used to exchange for books, materials, and other useful items. Beating the dungeon also has a chance to drop an Omnium Star or Island Token.

Start Your Alt Grind

At its core, Lost Ark rewards players who grind out their alternate characters. If you want to expedite your progress through Tier 3, it really is useful to have at least one other character in the same tier. You can start to funnel Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raid resources right to your main, essentially doubling your material input. Try out a few different characters, unlock the honing research in the Stronghold to make leveling easier, and most of all, have fun. It feels like a chore, it's because it probably is. There is no pressure to have alts, but it does help.

  • You can complete Daily Tasks on your alts, too. This helps grab those reputation rewards faster.
  • Set Bifrosts with your alts on the various islands/near an area to grind for harvesting mats.
  • For example, you might have a Gunlancer main – slow, and not very fun to forage with. Create a Gunslinger for that extra movement while you're mining nodes.

Not sure which character to give a whirl? Check out our comprehensive class guides here.

Farm Gems

Gems are, at this point in the game, still something far, far away, unless you've dumped a lot of money into the game. You need an absurd number of gems to reach a Level 10 gem (currently the max), but Level 7 or 8 is a fantastic place to be if you've got enough Tier 3 gems to do so. Most classes have specific gem build guides, though Cooldown Reduction is typical across the board. If you roll it on its own, awesome, if not, you can invest silver into our gems to reroll stats.

Lopang Silver Farm

Oh, Lopang. It's not unusual to see an experienced player with four or five alt characters tied to Lopang, just farming silver via the Daily Tasks. Silver is massively important in Tier 3 – you will find that your once-massive stockpile starts to dwindle real low after sixty-seven failed honing attempts. You need to complete the quests on Lopang first, level up your alts to at least Tier 2, although Tier 3 has better silver rewards, and then repeat the daily tasks there for a silver injection.

  • Silver is SO important. Do not waste it!
  • Do not reroll gems until you've got excess silver. You will need that silver to upgrade your gear.
  • Cooking ingredients for the Adventure's Tome get SERIOUSLY expensive. You don't need those statues and Ignea Tokens yet – just be patient and use your silver for honing.

Work On Your Runes And Engravings

Runes and Engravings really make up the meat and bones of your power level.

  • Runes can be acquired from across the world – you can use the in-game Codex to check where each rune comes from – but usually from adventure islands, quests, and other tasks. Check out a specific build for your character and see which runes work best for each ability.
  • Engravings are also essential if you want to maximize your damage/viabiity in endgame content. You're aiming for the perfect 33331 setup, but that will be a long way away if you're just getting started. Prioritize the Engravings that best suit your build.

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