Lost Ark Has A Queue To Join The Queue

It seems like just five minutes ago we were writing about the long queue to get into Final Fantasy 14 – and now it's happening again. But this time, it's a different game altogether, and somehow worse. So many players are trying to play Lost Ark that it's not even letting them join the queue, with some players reporting that they are waiting for hours at a time.

Many are sharing screenshots of an error message that comes up when they try to join the queue. Rather than saying what their place in line is, the text instead reads: "We're sorry. Cannot connect to the server due to heavy traffic." This suggests that even the queue is getting more traffic than the developers anticipated, meaning players may be in for a long wait if they haven't joined the game already.

Those who can join the queue aren't faring much better. On Twitter and Reddit fans are sharing their wait times, with some being stuck in queues behind over 23,000 other players. The Lost Ark team says that it's working on increasing server capacity, so hopefully these wait times will decrease soon.

New World had this exact issue at launch, with the developers rushing to add more servers to decrease wait times. However, it has now found itself with the opposite problem – too many servers. Amazon has started merging them to combat this, so players aren't stuck in worlds that are completely absent of any action. Which is pretty important in an MMO. Hopefully, Amazon's latest venture won't find itself in the same state.

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