Lost 1990s Michael Jackson Sega Game Found In Flea Market

You never know what you're going to find when you go rummaging through another person’s junk. It might be a great vintage jacket, a cool piece of art, or the unreleased footage of Michael Jackson narrating the Sega game Scramble Training. You know, the usual!

At least that is what one man found when he hit up a car boot sale in the UK. According to GamesRadar, someone was selling off some items from a relative that had passed away. As it turns out, that relative just happened to be a former employee of Sega Amusements Europe. As one collector was perusing the items, they came across a digital tape with the label “Sega AS-1 (Michael Jackson Vers)”.

The man decided to purchase the tape, without knowing what it could possibly contain, and came across quite the find. After submitting the tape to the Oxford Duplication Center, the contents were revealed to be the entire recordings of Michael Jackson in a simulation game known as Scramble Training. Even more, it contained the original English recordings as well as the dubbed Japanese version.

While Sega and the King of Pop’s collaboration on Scramble Training is no secret, all previous videos of the game were of bad quality. By that I mean someone took a mid-90’s handheld camcorder and recorded a screen playing the game. So to see every piece of footage from the game in much clearer detail is quite the discovery.

Of course, Jackson and Sega have quite the history together. The pop icon gave great performances in Moonwalker and Space Channel 5. He even composed the soundtrack for Sonic the Hedgehog 3. However, their work together on Scramble Training is not quite as known. The game had Jackson as an FMV narrator leading players through a theme park ride on Sega’s Advanced Simulator-1 motion pod.

While the game is no longer available to play, we can still enjoy Jackson’s performance thanks to a lucky flea market find.

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