Loot River: 12 Best Weapons

Loot River is one of the more unique games to launch in recent years. A top-down roguelike at heart, the title also incorporates puzzle game mechanics, granting you the ability to shift the platforms you traverse across in a Tetris-inspired twist to the genre's typical formula.

Despite the more innovative aspects of Loot River, the game still has the core of a roguelike, with a plethora of varied weapons to choose from. Swords, spears, axes, and more contain different perks, and occasionally, unique spells to help you through the game. Here are our picks for the best of the best.

12 Disgraced Blade

Despite its name and poor reputation, the Disgraced blade can certainly come in very handy. A large and intimidating sword, this weapon's wide-sweeping attacks can come in a pinch in a crowd of enemies. Not only that, but the Disgraced blade grants you the option to cancel your attacks at any time simply by dodging, preventing unnecessary damage while stuck in an attack animation.

11 Noble's Rapier

The Noble's Rapier isn't the most powerful sword available in Loot River by a long shot. It's also classified as a "simple" sword, only striking the first enemy that it makes contact with within any attack situation. The slender weapon is undoubtedly quick though, with its stabbing and sweeping attacks coming at a pace that's sure to help in one on one duels.

What truly makes this slim sword special, however, is its ability to disregard armor and shields. The thin design of the blade allows it to penetrate even the tightest defenses, dealing the same amount of damage to enemies regardless of the protection they come equipped with.

10 Crowd Cutter

The Crowd Cutter is one of the most useful weapons for dealing with large groups in the entire game, despite being unlocked fairly early. While its attack power is only marginally better than many of your initial weapons, the sword's damage increases by 15 percent with every enemy you manage to hit during your attack. When surrounded by foes, this can quickly add up to some serious attack power.

9 Panopticon

The Panopticon is one of the game's more unique blades. The small, round weapon is noted for being difficult to use, and multiple characters will take note that they've caused some significant accidental damage trying to handle it.

If you take the time to learn this weapon, though, the payoff is certainly worth it. Not only does it come with a speedy attack pattern, but its heavy attack is fittingly unique as well, firing two rounds of projectiles at enemies after every use. With its fast-paced close-ranged attacks as well as its ability to fire from a distance, the Panopticon is one of the most useful blades around.

8 Flayer Of Memories

The Flayer of Memories is a speedy, strong sword with a unique design and an even more unique premise. The blade attacks at a fast pace with its light attacks, but if you manage to secure a kill with its heavy attack, the weapon's special ability guarantees that you'll extract Knowledge from your fallen enemy. With Knowledge serving as Loot River's most important form of currency, this blade will surely help you bolster your supply of weapons, spells, and equipment.

7 Cavalry Killer

The Cavalry Killer is another sizable sword, used in the game's lore for combating enemies on horseback, as its name implies. While you won't find many mounted enemies in Loot River, the weapon's sweeping heavy attack is extremely effective, swiping at a wide range of foes in a startlingly quick attack pattern.

Another benefit to the Cavalry Killer is its ability to defend. Although most weapons can only parry, some will allow you to take a defensive stance, blocking a portion of incoming damage and draining the rest from your mana. In a pinch, a large, lumbering weapon that can also block incoming attacks is extremely useful.

6 Pious Greatsword

The Pious Greatsword is an enormous and beautifully ordained sword that serves as one of the later blades you'll unlock. Its wide, powerful swings and surprisingly speedy first attack would earn it the right to appear on this list alone, but it's also been blessed with the ability to ignore the poise of an enemy, interrupting their attacks and potentially staggering them with each swing.

The fact that the Pious Greatsword can knock your foes off their guard and stop them from attacking you sets it above many of the other blades present in Loot River. Couple that with its proficiency in swiping through large groups of opponents, and it's no wonder why the greatsword is held for only experienced players to access.

5 Lacerating Demon

One of the later weapons you'll get in your journey, the Lacerating Demon is a blistering weapon with high damage. It's not one of the more complex blades at your disposal, but its high attack power and efficient moveset make it one of the best you can have. Combine this weapon with the right set of spells, and you're sure to power your way through the later half of your run.

4 Tectonic Shift

One of the few high-ranking axes found in Loot River, the Tectonic Shift is a massive and powerful weapon that devastates foes in your wake. Its staggeringly high attack power is coupled with its ability to knock back enemies with its ground-shattering heavy attack; making anyone wielding this axe a force to be reckoned with.

On top of these already formidable abilities, the Tectonic Shift also contains the Stagger ability present in the Pious Greatsword. This means that even enemies with high levels of poise can be staggered and interrupted by a swing from this mighty weapon, as it inherently ignores that stat.

3 Crown of the Dethroned

Another colossal axe, the Crown of the Dethroned is excellent for many of the same reasons other huge weapons stand out – it can clear a crowd, power through solo enemies, and do serious damage to bosses.

Like other axes, the weapon also has a knockback effect that sends enemies surrounding you careening back with your heavy attack. If the attack is fully charged, this particular axe has the added benefit of rooting enemies in place, preventing them from moving for a short time. With its high attack power, they'll be easy to pick off.

2 Perforator

The Perforator is, like many of the game's best weapons, massive. The large sword swings through groups like it's nothing, smashing your opponents with both light and heavy attacks that deal serious damage.

If you fully charge the Perforator's heavy attack, though, that's where things get truly special. The blade will send out a collection of missiles, targeting distant opponents with its ballistic fury. In a game like Loot River, where targeted ranged attacks are rare, this powerhouse of a weapon definitely stands out.

1 Defender Of The Cosmos

Not only is the Defender of the Cosmos one of the biggest and most beautiful weapons in Loot River, but it also comes with the game's most unique special ability by far. Once you're tired of slashing through waves of enemies with its incredibly powerful swings, you can charge up its heavy attack to unleash a demonic being on your foes.

This otherworldly creature will seek and destroy your enemies setting surfaces ablaze. This will catch other nearby creatures in the fire. That's why Defender of the Cosmos is the best weapon to use when you need to clear out large numbers of heavy-hitting foes. Just be careful to avoid the heat yourself.

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