Live A Live: Prehistory Crafting Guide

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The Prehistory Chapter of Live A Live, which follows the adventures of a young caveman called Pogo, includes a crafting system that allows players to exchange loot for gear by visiting Artisans. There are many items that can be made in this way, and a clever crafter can ensure that Pogo and his friends are fully kitted out without ever entering battle.

This guide includes every possible crafting recipe available during the Prehistory Chapter. Resources become much more scarce after the first fight against Zaki, so take advantage of the Safe Cave's abundance to make everything you need before striking out into the Wild Lands!

All Crafting Recipes

We've divided the crafting recipes into two types. Basic Recipes can be crafted using normal items that are dropped from enemies or found lying around. Advanced Recipes require a Stone Knife and/or a Leather Strap, both of which must first be crafted. This means that you'll need more ingredients for an Advanced Recipe, since you'll be turning them into necessary components.

Basic Crafting Recipes

Item Type Recipe(s) Effect(s)
Bang Glove Off-Hand
  • Dried Skins + Hard Rock
  • Defense +5.
  • Physical Attack +16.
Beastskin Cap Helmet
  • Pelt + Beast Horn
  • Pelt + Bone
  • Defense +3.
  • Speed +10.
Chest Hair Armor
  • Pelt + Beast Fang
  • Pelt + Dried Skins
  • Pelt + Hard Rock
  • Defense +3
  • Physical Attack +4
Fang Club Weapon
  • Stick + Beast Fang
  • Attack +14.
Fire Club Weapon / Off-Hand
  • Stick + Pelt
  • Attack +8 when equipped as a weapon.
  • Defense +8 when equipped in off-hand.
Horn Spear Weapon
  • Stick + Bone
  • Beast Horn + Stick
  • Attack +10.
  • Speed +6
Laughing Mask Helmet
  • Beast Horn + Dried Skins
  • Beast Fang + Dried Skins
  • Special Attack +15.
  • Defense +7.
Pretty Flower Accessory
  • Bone + Beast Fang
  • Hard Rock + Beast Fang
  • Beast Horn + Beast Fang
  • Special Attack +8.
  • Special Defense +4.
Rough Bands Boots / Accessory
  • Bone + Beast Horn
  • Hard Rock + Beast Horn
  • +2 Defense (Boots only).
  • +3 Special Defense.
  • +2 Speed.
Stone Knife Crafting Material
  • Bone + Hard Rock
  • Used to craft more advanced items (see below).
Strong Axe Weapon
  • Stick + Hard Rock
  • Attack +6.
  • Physical Attack +10.
Thump Drum Off-Hand / Accessory
  • Bone + Dried Skins
  • Stick + Dried Skins
  • Special Attack +12 (Off-Hand).
  • Special Attack+ 6 (Accessory).

It is not possible to combine two of the same ingredient.

Advanced Crafting Recipes

Item Type Recipe(s) Effect(s)
Angry Bone Weapon
  • Bone + Leather Strap
  • Attack +18.
Bola Consumable
  • Hard Rock + Leather Strap
  • Used in battle to reduce an enemy's Speed.
Fang Necklace Accessory
  • Beast Fang + Leather Strap
  • Can only be equipped by Beru.
  • Special Defense +2.
Fast Whip Weapon
  • Stick + Leather Strap
  • Attack +6
  • Speed +16
Fertility Charm Accessory
  • Hard Rock + Stone Knife
  • Speed -10.
  • Allows self-heal during battle.
Fury Knife Weapon
  • Stone Knife + Leather Strap
  • Attack +26
Leather Strap Crafting Material
  • Pelt + Stone Knife
  • Used to craft advanced items.
Loin Guard Armor
  • Beast Horn + Stone Knife
  • Beast Horn + Leather Strap
  • Defense +6.
  • Physical Defense +6.
  • Special Defense +10.
Prickly Stones Consumable
  • Beast Fang + Stone Knife
  • Used in battle to create an area of electrified tiles.
Quick Spear Weapon
  • Bone + Stone Knife
  • Stick + Stone Knife
  • Attack +21.
  • Speed +10.
Wildheart Armor Armor
  • Dried Skins + Stone Knife
  • Can only be equipped by Pogo.
  • Defense +16.
  • Physical Defense +10.
  • Speed -8.
Wildheart Dress Armor
  • Pelt + Leather Strap
  • Can only be equipped by Beru.
  • Defense +32.
  • Special Defense +10.
Wildheart Sack Weapon
  • Dried Skins + Leather Strap
  • Can only be equipped by Beru.
  • Attack +36.
  • Physical Attack +20.
  • Special Defense +8.

After you leave the Safe Cave, you can still craft items by visiting the wandering Artisans in the northwest corner of the WIldlands and just south of the Kuu Tribe Encampment. These Artisans don't have crafting cutscenes like the one in the Safe Cave, so if you're crafting batches of items like Prickly Stones it's faster to do so with the wanderers.

How To Win The Haystack Minigame

The room to the right of Pogo's bedroom contains a tribesman with two haystacks. If you speak to him, he will challenge you to a minigame that you can play as many times as you like. When the game starts, the tribesman will show two speech bubbles; one with five cavemen and one with three. Pay attention to which bubble he points to; if he points to the one with five cavemen, he wants you to select the haystack with more people in it, and if he points to the one with fewer cavemen, he wants you to select the haystack with fewer people in it.

After the speech bubbles disappear, roughly twenty cavemen will quickly sort themselves into the two haystacks. Pay careful attention so that you know which one to select. If you have trouble with the minigame, an easier round happens every three times you play. Every third game, Gori will join the cavemen in the haystack. Watch where he goes; the haystack with Gori is always the correct one.

Every time you select the correct haystack, you'll be rewarded with one of each basic crafting material. By repeatedly winning, you can get enough materials to craft anything you want before Pogo even embarks on his first hunt!

How To Equip Beru Before The Fight With Zaki

When Beru first joins your party in the middle of the night, you can equip her from the menu before going to bed to prepare for the upcoming boss fight. If you haven't yet crafter her exceptional gear, you'll still have a chance the following morning even though she isn't in your party.

After finding Beru under the haystack in the corner of your room, she will automatically equip anything that you give her while she's hiding. We recommend giving her the following, at minimum:

  • Wildheart Sack
  • Thump Drum
  • Wildheart Dress
  • Laughing Mask

You can also give her any assortment of accessories you like; Rough Bands are a strong choice since they will shore up her Physical Defense and prevent bosses like Zaki and Odo from dealing too much damage to her.

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