Let Me Solo Her Is Asking Elden Ring Community To Kill Bosses For Him Now

Let Me Solo Her has managed to drag countless members of the community through Malenia's boss fight, helping Tarnished day in and day out with one of the game's most infamous battles. But now it's his turn—KleinTsuboi is asking the community to kill all the bosses for him.

Later today, he's holding a stream on YouTube where he'll be summoning viewers on PC to take down a bunch of bosses starting with Morgott the Omen King (thanks, GamesRadar). If you want to join in on the fun, he's set the group password as LMSH. It all kicks off at 4 PM CST so you've got plenty of time to prepare.

However, this isn't Let Me Solo Her's famous pot-headed toon that he used to take down Malenia over 2,000 times. Instead, he's created a brand-new character specifically for this stream that's currently at level 60. It's a NG run though so you won't be asked to fight the toughest bosses at even tougher levels, but it'll be interesting to see if his viewers have what it takes to carry the Let Me Solo Her torch.

If all this has flown over your head, Let Me Solo Her is best known in the community as the dedicated player who singlehandedly took down Malenia for others. When summoned, they'd ask the host to step back and let them do all the work. Stay alive, stay back, and LMSH does the rest.

They did this so much that they gained enough fame among Elden Ring's fans to catch Bandai Namco's eye. It even sent out a themed gift package containing a real sword. But now it's time for the community to come together and return the favour.

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