LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Complete Guide To Scavenger Abilities

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In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, most characters in the game belong to a certain class. The game uses classes to delineate between characters', separating them by their aptitudes, combat styles, and special abilities. As a result, 100 percent completion requires that you use every class in the game to varying extents as these abilities are required to solve puzzles and challenges.

One of these classes is the Scavenger class, and it's kind of unique in the game as you must actually go to some lengths to unlock the abilities it needs to be useful. If you've unlocked some Scavenger characters and don't know what the heck they're supposed to be able to do, we've got you covered.

How To Unlock Scavenger Characters

There are currently 12 Scavenger characters in The Skywalker Saga, including one DLC-only character and two alternate costumes for Rey. Here's how to unlock them:

Character Unlock Condition
Chief Chirpa Complete Flower Fetcher and Totem Transportation in the Ewok Village on Endor.
Jawa Complete Battle Droid Royale in the Jundland Wastes on Tatooine. This mission is only unlocked after completing many prerequisites which are listed below.
Logray Complete Ewoks Lost! in the Ewok Village on Endor.
Paploo Complete Pod Chasing in the Ewok Village on Endor.
Rey (Episode 7) Automatically acquired as you progress through Sequel Trilogy.
Rey (Episode 7 – Starkiller Base) Automatically acquired as you progress through Sequel Trilogy.
Rey (Scavenger Grey Vest) Automatically acquired as you progress through the Sequel Trilogy.
Teebo Complete Geejaw Hands Dirty in the Ewok Village on Endor.
Teedo Complete Luggabeast of Burden in Tuanul Village on Jakku.
Tusken Raider Automatically acquired as you progress through the Original Trilogy.
Wicket Automatically acquired as you progress through the Original Trilogy.
Kuiil Acquired as part of the Mandolorian Season 1 Character Pack.
Unlocking Jawa

To unlock Jawa, you need to complete the following side missions:

Side Mission Planet Location
Dodginess Manifest Jakku Tuanul Village
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark-Eye Tatooine Jundland Wastes
Droids Have Magnitude Tatooine Jundland Wastes
For OOM the Bell Tolls Tatooine Jundland Wastes
Probes and Cons Tatooine Jundland Wastes
Protocol Recall Tatooine Jundland Wastes
Rodent Retrieval Tatooine Jundland Wastes
That Droid is the Pits Tatooine Jundland Wastes

You will need to complete the Dodgy Dwellings puzzle in Tuanul Village on Jakku, complete Revenge of the Sith, and visit the following locations at least once during the story to unlock these side missions:

• Canto Bight

• Mining Complex

• Maz's Castle

• Mos Espa

• Pau City

How To Unlock Scavenger Abilities

While it is possible to unlock Scavenger characters at various points in the game – right from the start if you have Kuiil from the Character Pack DLC – they won't be able to use their special abilities until you've hit a certain point of the game.

There are two possible points at which you may unlock Scavenger abilities:

  • During the level The Chewbacca Defence in Episode 6 – Return of the Jedi.
  • During the mission in between the First Order of Business and Low Flying Garbage levels in Episode 7 – The Force Awakens.

If you want to unlock Scavenger abilities as soon as possible, you can start The Force Awakens at any time. After the first level, you'll be prompted to go scavenging for parts to trade for some portions. This short mission is when you'll acquire the abilities.

If you insist on playing through the levels chronologically, you'll be waiting until Episode 6 to unlock Scavenger abilities. This can be particularly frustrating, as you'll encounter a lot of obvious puzzles before that point that require these abilities, and you won't be able to complete them even though you have a Scavenger character unlocked, such as the Tusken Raider.

Once you have unlocked Scavenger abilities through either method, they will remain permanently unlocked for the rest of your game.

Scavenger Abilities Explained

Scavengers have three unique abilities that take the form of tools they can create at any moment: the Breaker Blaster, the Glider, and the Net Launcher.

  • Breaker Blasters are used to break destructible walls. These are denoted by a glowing, blue aura that shines through obvious cracks. The Breaker Blaster is also a decent ranged weapon and can be upgraded with perks to create large blast areas and ends up more damaging than your regular firearm.
  • The Glider allows you to… glide. It is used to traverse great distances and reach collectibles and platforms that would otherwise be unreachable. You can tell when the Glider is required by a translucent arrow pointing upwards that denotes the intended launch position. It can also be used to bypass some annoying encounters. The Advanced Glider perk increases your gliding speed, which may be required for some tricky platforming puzzles.
  • The Net Launcher is used to create large nets that allow you to scale walls and reach heights that would otherwise be unreachable. You can tell when a Net Launcher is required by an obvious cross. The Expert Climber perk lets you climb these nets faster, along with regular ladders.

Scavengers also have access to a perk called Crafty will unlock more color variations in the tools they create to use their abilities. At the highest level, they get two additional colors.

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