Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Kyber Bricks Locations In Mustafar

Mustafar's Mining Complex is an unlockable location in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. It'll be immediately recognizable to fans of the prequels as it's where Obi-Wan and Anakin have their fated dual.

To unlock Mustafar you'll need to complete the prequel trilogy. Upon completion, you can return to Mustafar to explore the iconic location in more depth. This includes finding a whole host of Kyber Bricks, a collectible resource you can use to upgrade various abilities.

How To Find And Reach Every Kyber Brick

There'll be rideable hovercraft scattered around the map, so use them to speed up this process.

Kyber Comet Every space location in the game has a Kyber Comet in orbit and Mustafar is no different. Shoot it down to receive x5 Kyber Bricks.
Welcome To Mustafar! Turn around when you land and you should see a satellite tower off the landing pad. Grapple to it using a hero-type character and the first Kyber Brick will be waiting.
Hangar Haul Just next to the landing pad, you'll find the operations generator. You need to use the force to move four generators onto the circuit and unlock the brick. Two of the mini-generators are just lying clearly in the room. One of them is on the tall column near the entrance. Break the Lego furniture in the room to rebuild the last one. Once they're all in place, switch to an astromech to activate the terminal and retrieve your brick.
Toasty Tower On top of the Klegger Corp Mining Facility, there'll be a tower to the right. You'll see a Kyber Brick locked in a chest on top of the tower. The button to unlock is on the floor below.
Oven Overlook On the left side of the Mining Facility, there'll be a rocky wall with a bunch of spaces for nets. Switch to a scavenger character to glide over. Build a net launcher to fill the spaces and climb to the top where your brick will be waiting.
Mining And Climbing Next to the DLC-13 Droid bays, there'll be a tower with spaces for nets on the side. Switch to a scavenger again to craft a net launcher, fill the spaces, and reach the brick.
Topside Ticket Also next to the DLC-13 Droid bays, you should see a room locked by a force field. Go to the far right corner of the roof to find the key to open the door. Stack three Lego blocks to reach the key and take it back to the force field to unlock it.
Clone Wars Closure Inside the Mining Facility, you'll reach a central control room with several tables inside. It should be familiar to you from Anakin and Obi-Wan's final dual. Break all four of the tables to collect the brick.
Stack-cess Also in the Mining Facility, you should reach a brick behind a large force field. The terminal to deactivate the field is on the ceiling at the back of the room. Use the force to stack four bricks on top of each other. Climb up and use a hero character to activate the terminal.
Flee, Flea In the Antenna Control Room, there'll be a giant flea on the far side blocking a Kyber Brick. Use the force to control it and move it out of the way. You can also send a small droid through a hole on the side of the room.
Hunting In The Heat Sinks On the stairs up to the shooting range, you should be able to find a brick hovering mid-air through one of the gaps. Glide to it using a scavenger character.
Hotshot On Kleggers shooting range, you'll find another brick locked in a chest. You need to shoot the four different targets scattered off of the roof to unlock it. The game has an auto-aim feature that locks onto these targets, so go in-and-out of aiming if you're having trouble spotting them.
Refinery Rooftop From the shooting range, use a scavenger's glider on the left side of the roof. Glide on top of the gas extraction antenna and collect the brick up top.
Toxic Trouble Just below 'Refinery Rooftop', you'll find a set of leaking pipes. The gas means you'll need a droid to enter. Use the force to stack a group of blocks to the left. Then switch to a droid to climb up the blocks, jump onto the broken pipes and reach the brick at the end of this short platforming section.
Dealing In Absolutes On the far North-side of the map, you'll find the broken lava collector arm. There are three switches on the 'fingers' of this arm. Pressing the switches changes the pattern on top of them. Look up top to see the pattern you need to match, it will also be on the image on this table.
So Close, Yet So Mustafar This next brick is in the searing gorge, just left of the collector arm. Reaching it involves a platforming challenge where you'll need to jump across various moving platforms, on top of a lava pit. If you do fall into the lava, you'll respawn on the last platform you were on, rather than starting at the beginning of the challenge. Simply take it slow; wait for the platforms to align and you shouldn't have too much trouble.
Break Room Boogy In the Lava Java Lounge, there'll be a Kyber Brick in the room to the right, behind a locked door. You can find the keys to the door in a silver vending machine on the far side of the room. Use a villain character's grenade to break it apart.
Sunbody Stop Me In the black sun chamber, you'll find an incomplete painting on the far side of the room. You'll need to find the three missing pieces and put the painting back together to retrieve the next Kyber Brick. One of the pieces is just sitting on the main table. Another one of the pieces is inside a gold container near the entrance. The last one is on the right-hand side wall behind an astromech terminal. Use the force to put the pieces in the right positions.
Long Way Ledge After exiting the black sun chamber, look immediately left. Follow the ledge of the building until you come across the next brick.
The High Ground On the far East side of the map, you should find three tall structures. Use a hero-type character to grapple up the structure on the right. Then use a scavenger to glide to the middle one. The Kyber Brick will be there.
Searing Secret Follow the small pipes hanging off the side of the Mining Facility until you reach a lava waterfall – a lavafall? Once here, there'll be a ledge just off of the pipes with the brick on it.
Drop It Like It's Hot After exiting the black sun chamber, go straight to find a brick trapped inside a large metal pipe. You need to fill it with lava to lift the brick up. There'll be two levers on the left and right you can use to initiate the flow of lava, but only the right one is active. Push the lever on the right until the pipes are connected. After that, break the Lego containers next to the lever to find a battery inside. Transfer the battery to the lever on the left to activate it and repeat your actions. Once both are done, switch to an astromech to grapple to the ledge behind, activate the terminal, and voila! The Kyber Brick is yours.
Password Protocol Inside the Mining Facility, you'll find a locked door. The NPC outside will mention that you need the password hiding in Tatooine's Judland Wastes. Travel to the Judland Wastes and find the password in the Jawa Village on the South-West side of the map. The password should be through a hole that a small droid can fit through. Once you have it, return to the locked door on Mustafar and enter the password into the terminal.

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