LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Challenges In Every Episode 3 Level

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Revenge of the Sith is the third episode in the prequel trilogy. Typically one of the darker films in the Star Wars saga, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga gives us a more comical spin on Anakin Skywalker's descent into the dark side. And, of course, alongside this delightful episode comes a thrilling set of new challenges to complete.

Four out of the five missions in Revenge of the Sith are actually boss battles, so this section of the game almost acts as a boss-rush. From dealing with the wicked Count Dooku, to jumping General Grievous, to the climactic battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin, these challenges are going to put you through your paces. But with this guide by your side, you will reign victorious over them all.

Out For The Count

Challenge Name Description
Beep Boop Backup Activate the friendly Turret Droid
Civil War Defeat an enemy droid using their own kind.
Wet Floor! Take out the droideka like a true scoundrel.

This is a set of challenges that really require you to play them in the free-play mode. Thankfully, once in the free-play mode, they are very quick and easy to perform.

Start by switching one of your characters to a droid. Shoot one of the droids across from the laser wall. That will instantly complete the "Civil War" challenge. Next, enter the door to the left of where you start the stage by using a villain-class character to blow it up with their grenade. Use a protocol droid to interact with the terminal. This will complete the "Beep Boop Backup" challenge. You can complete both of those challenges within about 30 seconds of starting the level.

From the room where you hack the turret droid, open the door by pressing the red button. Take a right. Follow it until you hit a laser wall, disable it with a force user by pulling out the power source. Now, switch to a scoudrel-type character. Up ahead there will be a giant puddle of water. Beside said puddle there is a malfunctioning power supply. Aim at it using the scoundrel shot and you will electrocute the droideka standing in the puzzle and complete the "Wet Floor!" challenge. Easy peasy.

For the True Jedi achievement, you need to collect 70,000 studs, but this stage is brimming with studs. Better yet, there are a number of crates stacked by exploding cylinders, which means that one force throw will be quite lucrative. You can run around and gather thousands of studs effortlessly in this level. Even Dooku's boss arena has well over 20,000 studs available in junk to destroy.

So Uncivilized

Challenge Name Description
Attack of the Droids Defeat 5 battle droids, 4 MagnaGuards, and 5 super battle droids without dying once.
Sneak Attack As Grievous waits high above, catch him off guard by attacking him via the bounty hunter path.
Very Uncivilized Defeat 2 MagnaGuards with a blaster.

Two of these challenges can be completed without even really pursuing them. If you complete the stage without dying, you will unlock the "Attack of the Droids" challenge. When the MagnaGuards appear (they are the ones with the glowing staves), you just need to switch to Commander Cody and shoot them. Doing so will complete the "Very Uncivilized" challenge. That's two down without any real extra effort.

The final challenge will require that you come back in the free-play mode. During the third phase of Grievous' boss battle (when he has two arms left), he will jump up to a bridge above. Instead of following him up on the left side of the room, follow him on the right side. This will require that you use a bounty hunter. Once you clash with him, you will complete the "Sneak Attack" challenge.

As for the True Jedi achievement, you will need to get 60,000 studs. There isn't one convenient cache of studs to bank on in this level, but as long as you are destroying the objects lining the walls (especially the giant fans), you shouldn't have too much of a problem gaining the necessary studs. Especially since you will be able to string together some pretty long combo chains while fighting Grievous.

Droid Attack On The Wookies

Challenge Name Description
Force Influence Defeat an enemy clone as a force-influenced clone.
Frequent Flyer Reach the escape pod using the alternate route.
Kashyyyk-a-boo! Use an AT-RT to defeat 4 clone troopers and the enemy AT-RT.

To begin the mission, use your Jedi mind trick to take control of a clone trooper and shoot another clone trooper. This will complete the "Force Influence" challenge. Now, complete the level as you would normally.

Once you get to the giant tree, you will have the option to build two separate objects: a battering ram to knock the tree over, and a hovercraft to carry you up the other side. Build the hovercraft. Travel along this route, using Chewbacca to shoot the fire using his scoundrel shot ability, clearing the moss, and stacking the blocks using the Force. Eventually, you will reach the escape pod using the alternate route, which will satisfy the conditions to complete the "Frequent Flyer" challenge.

Now, jump down to the area below that has the AT-RT (the giant mech), run to the unmanned AT-RT and pilot it. Destroy the clone troopers and the other AT-RT using it. This will complete the "Kashyyyk-a-boo!" challenge.

The 80,000 studs aren't difficult to obtain as long as you are blowing everything up along the way. Make sure you shoot the branches off of the tree and smash all the little plants. Thankfully, if you are a little short at the end, you can backtrack quite a bit and gather any studs you missed.

Senate Showdown

Challenge Name Description
Dazzling Display Use the lights to blind Palpatine.
Heads Up Drop a droid onto Palpatine's head.
Return to Senator Interrupt Palpatine's 'Force Lightning Spin Attack' by deflecting the Force Lightning back at him.

While the Palpatine fight functionally has two separate sections, one where you fight him in a large, round room and one where you fight him on top of the parliamentary floating discs, all the challenges are actually completed in the first section.

So, for starters, switch to Captain Typho and look for a lever on the wall. Grapple up to it and hold on. This will drop a droid on Palpatine's head, completing the "Heads Up" challenge. Next,wait for Palpatine to start spinning around, shooting lightning bolts as he does. Use Yoda to deflect one of these bolts of lightning (just block before it hits you). This will give you an opportunity to deflect the lightning back at him, completing the "Return to Senator" challenge.

The last challenge requires a scoundrel, so you will need to play it in the free-play mode. Use a scoundrel to shoot the lighting fixture that is currently pointing toward the wall (using their scoundrel shot). This will cause the light to swivel and face Palpatine, blinding him and successfully completing the "Dazzling Display" requirements.

You will need 40,000 studs to earn the True Jedi achievement. For this, simply make sure that during the second part of the battle you destroy everything on each disc. As long as you do that, you will be able to get all the studs you require.

The High Ground

Challenge Name Description
Let Him Eat Cake! Force Throw the cake trolley at Anakin.
Sneaking In Take the alternate route to reach Anakin.
Wilder Awareness Use the steam vents to damage Anakin.

These are another set of challenges that you will complete early on in the stage. The very first thing you should do is to switch to R2-D2. Move him to the astromech terminal beside where Anakin is. Quickly complete the terminal sequence and you will damage Anakin with the steam vent. This will complete the "Wilder Awareness" challenge.

Next, just use the Force to lift the cake trolley and toss it at Anakin to complete the "Let Him Eat Cake!" challenge. Be warned, though, it can be finicky getting the camera so that it will align with the trolley (as the camera is locked onto Anakin). Make sure no one slashes the trolley or it will break and you will have to repeat this mission to complete this challenge.

After you force Anakin to retreat, follow him across the bridge, but don't enter through the doors. Instead, look to your right; there is a railing on the wall. Jump over to it and scale the outside to enter into the room through a window. This will complete the "Sneaking In" challenge.

Lastly, you will need to get 70,000 studs to earn the True Jedi achievement. This isn't too steep and there is a lot of junk to destroy for studs in this stage. The best place to earn some easy studs is the room filled with holograms. Destroy everything here and that should cover the majority of your needs.

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