LeBron James Isn’t Voicing Himself In MultiVersus

John Bentley will be the voice of LeBron James in MultiVersus, instead of having him voice himself.

Earlier today at a San Diego Comic-Con panel, it was confirmed that LeBron James is the next character coming to MultiVersus on July 26, with Rick and Morty coming at a later date during the game's first season. Alongside the reveal that LeBron will be coming to the game next week was a new trailer that showcased him in action, as well as letting us hear what he sounds like.

As confirmed by the MultiVersus Twitter following the trailer's release, LeBron James won't be voicing himself in MultiVersus. Instead, John Bentley, best-known for voicing Barrett in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, will be acting as a soundalike. No reason was given as to why LeBron won't be voicing himself, but it's likely that it was too expensive to get the NBA star in the game, or that he simply wasn't interested.

LeBron James' voice lines were actually leaked during the game's initial closed alpha test, although it wasn't too clear from the brief lines whether it was actually his voice. Now we know for certain that it's not him, although it's a pretty close soundalike considering no one was able to pick up on it until the official announcement.

LeBron marks the third character in MultiVersus not to be voiced by their original voice actor. Steven Universe was the first character revealed in the game not to have their original VA, Zach Callison, which is likely due to the fact that Callison has stepped away from voice acting over the past few years. The second character not voiced by their original actor is The Iron Giant, who was famously voiced by Vin Diesel and was likely another big name that was simply too expensive to get back for a role in the game.

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