League of Legends Season 10 Start Time for LoL Warriors 2020 reset & new release

League of Legends Season 10 will get underway very shortly, with LOL fans now only a couple of hours away from the big season reset.

Earlier this week the LoL dev team released the games latest patch notes for 10.1.

This was shortly followed up by a brand new cinematic that's well worth watching (below) to really get you into the mood ahead of the a brand new season.

Ahead of the Season 10 start date the development team also gave fans an update on what to expect moving forward for the year ahead.

“Welcome back, folks! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready for more balance and League shenanigans in the big 2-0.

“We say hello to the big boss Sett this patch, as well as a huge update to Sylas, League's other resident bad boy.

“His changes mainly focus on encouraging his role as a midlaner, while making sure players don't lose out on that signature bruisery playstyle he's known for.

“Other than that, we have some QoL changes for Vi, Kog'Maw, Kassadin, and Jax, as well as some cautious buffs to champions that have proven to be menaces in pro play in the past.

The patch notes are fairly extensive, too much to share here, however, follow the link below and you can see all the various changes that are coming to the games various characters.

Fans should also keep in mind that players Rank will also be reset at the start of the new season.

Your new rank will be decided based on your performance during Season 9 and the pre-season.

Once the new season begins, everyone will have 10 provisional games in order to get their new rank moving forward.

As per the start of Season 9, here's how Riot Games explain it:

“You’ll get a provisional rank after your first placement game. Your provisional rank shows where you’ll start the climb and updates after each placement game.

“Provisional ranks are only visible to you until you complete placements. You can’t lose LP during placements, so your provisional rank can only go up. Wins earn accelerated LP and you skip through promos.

“After eight placement games in a position (ten games in Flex queue), you’ll get a starting rank. New accounts get seeded at the bottom of the ladder with a fresh opportunity to climb.”

Whilst we haven't shared the (extensive) patch notes here, we will quickly share the bug fixes that are listed, since they're short and to the point.

So here's the LoL Season 10 Bug Fixes:

  • Warwick's Q – Jaws of the Beast no longer depletes mana or goes on cooldown if the target dies during its cast.
  • Ardent Censer's bonus attack speed Unique passive no longer activates on a champion that's shielding themselves
  • Missile-type abilities in that wouldn't normally be in your vision will no longer give you an early warning in Fog of War

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