Lauren Shiba Samurai Slashes Her Way Into Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Next Week

Developer nWay has announced that Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’s next DLC character will be none other than Lauren Shiba. Hailing from the Super Samurai series, Shiba will bring her stylish swordplay and burning samurai spirit into the fray to mingle with other classic Power Rangers characters.

Coinciding with that announcement, nWay released a new trailer that shows off Shiba in action. She looks like much more than a Jason clone and utilizes heavier offense to deal with opponents. She will have access to some ranged attacks but seems more focused on getting up-close-and-person with her prey. She could be a great counter pick for the faster characters that rely on their speed versus defense to win rounds.

It’s surprising how much support nWay has been throwing at Battle for the Grid. Possibly the best example of cross-play this generation, the Marvel Vs. Capcom inspired brawler is actually quite competent when it comes to gameplay. Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Stadia, the overall package might be a bit lacking, but $20 for an okay-ish story mode and rock-solid online is really not bad. That you can carry your progress over to each version is a huge benefit.

Lauren Shiba will be hitting Battle for the Grid on September 15, 2020. While available for individual purchase at $5.99, you can also nab her as part of the third season pass for $15 or with the upcoming physical edition for $30. That version will be hitting shelves on October 6, 2020, and will include the game’s first season and free character pack.

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