Latinx In Gaming Offering Hardware And Software Grant For Aspiring Creators

The community group Latinx in Gaming is launching a new grant initiative to help Latin creators in the gaming industry. Applications are open, and those chosen will receive support in the form of new hardware or software. While no specific guidelines were given, the application makes reference to PC parts, streaming equipment, and software subscriptions.

Latinx in Gaming is a group of streamers, developers, artists, and other creators who are working at various levels in the gaming industry. It aims to offer a safe space for Latinx people with community events, as well as chances to help boost one another’s careers. The Game Awards 2020 awarded the group with its Global Gaming Citizens title. Now, it’s paying that recognition forward by offering this Hardware and Software Grant.

Anyone can find the grant on Twitter, where Latinx in Gaming made the announcement in both English and Spanish. A link goes to the application itself, which is also bi-lingual. No deadline is given, nor are any requirements in terms of income or audience size. The survey does request that you elaborate on what kind of hardware/software you need, what kind of work you intend to use it for, and how receiving the grant will help you.

How many grants will be given, and of what value, is also not divulged. However, based on how the survey is framed, Latinx in Gaming is probably intending to issue grants on a case-by-case basis. The volume of applicants and general amount of need will also likely come into play.

That said, applicants are asked to select desired hardware from a multiple choice list – and the included choices range from a brand new computer to simple accessories like keyboards. Likewise, the software examples cover one-time ownership licenses, subscriptions, and plug-ins for popular video game engines. This hints that some applicants might really luck out.

Representation is important, and it’s nice to see a push to get AAA studios to recognize that. That said, smaller creators also need help clearing the hurdles to even get started. The work of more focused groups like Latinx in Gaming will hopefully go a long way towards seeing a more diverse gaming industry.

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