Latest Star Wars Toy Reveal From Hasbro Will Make Any Action Figure Collector Go Broke

Friday morning, Hasbro Pulse fans were given an exclusive first look at some of the upcoming Star Wars figures across all of the series and scales in its Fan First Friday presentation. There are toys, FX lightsabers, and even some displays so fans can reenact their favorite scenes.

There’s a lot going on in this line that might help fill in some holes at once in your own personal collection. So let’s dive in with that fans can look forward to this year, starting with the Celebrate The Saga 3.75 inch line.

Star Wars: Celebrate The Saga 3.75 Inch Line

Starting with the Bounty Hunter 5-Pack, it includes Boba Fett, Jango Fett (with a nice metallic finish), Boskk, IG-88, and for the first time in this realistic-looking scale, R5-P8–Hondo’s droid. He was originally packaged in a four-pack with other droids as part of a now hard to find Disney collection, but here he has a new worn-out paint job and painted teeth in a different style.

In the Galactic Empire pack, there’s a range of Imperial Troopers across the board but it’s interesting to note that it comes with R2-Q5 who fans haven’t seen in this scale since 2001. There was a Black Series release of him from 2015 and goes for a good amount of money on secondary markets.

For a first timer, we get the crimson protocol droid TC-4 along with the Sith 5-pack. Released with Darth Maul, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, and Palpatine, TC-4 has only been released in LEGO form and finally makes the jump to 3.75 scale. Could a Black Series release be far behind?

There’s nothing substantially new about the Rise of the Resistance or Rebel Alliance. The First Order pack does comes with a B8-9E which had only been previously available with an officer Rose 3-pack with BB-8. However, the Galactic Republic pack has for the first time, 00M-10. Former Battle Droid turned ally, 00M-10 comes stylized like his animated series counterpart and blaster accessory.

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection

With the Vintage series, they’re keeping things rather minimal with a Darth Vader based on his Rogue One appearance so, will have the Rogue One card backing. To go along with Vader, there will be a Rebel Trooper and Tantive IV hallway playset where him and several of his friends get absolutely lit up by Vader.

Unrelated to Rogue One, we get a Hondo Ohnaka. Introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Hondo has sort of become the unofficial face of Galaxy’s Edge at the Disney theme parks. There’s only been a few Hondo figures released, and this one takes on the more realistic styling of his counterpart at the parks.

Star Wars: The Black Series

The Black Series announcements were interesting because essentially, they’re both Troopers class, but at least they’re continuing their Gaming Greats wave. Also included in a lightsaber fans have been asking for what seems like ages.

The Purge Trooper comes from last year’s Jedi Fallen Order video game. He comes with his eletrostaff and the newly designed Black Series box. The Clone Trooper Lieutenant is another addition to the Clone Wars characters in the Black Series. Army building is getting intensely popular over the past few years and would make a great solider in somebody’s army.

Now, Palpatine’s lightsaber looks incredible. On the livefeed Friday morning, they showed the blade has multiple modes, including his lightning effect. Most impressive of all is the gold chrome finish on the hilt to mimic the electrum and phrick alloy.

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