Lamar Roasts Franklin IRL, Bringing The GTA 5 Meme Full Circle

There comes a time in every meme’s life where it must die an honorable death… and then the internet proceeds to beat the joke to death like they’re Trevor in a cutscene. That time might just be at hand for the roasting Franklin meme, as the original GTA 5 voice actors reunited to give their own flawless interpretation.

A quick catch-up for the uninitiated: a recent YouTube trend features an early GTA 5 cutscene where Lamar roasts Franklin for his “yee yee” haircut. Despite the game being years old, this scene got new life when modders started putting other characters in Lamar’s place. Early cuts featured the likes of Kermit the Frog with Lamar’s voice coming out of his puppet mouth. As the joke evolved, actors did voices with custom dialogue, such as Darth Vader telling Franklin he’s a wimpy Jedi.

Now the voices behind Franklin and Lamar put the finishing touch on the meme by reenacting it in live action. Behold Slink Johnson and Shawn Fonteno reprising their roles.

What makes this truly amazing is that both Johnson and Fonteno mimic the movements of their in-game characters. Johnson throws out his hands at exactly the right time, and Fonteno touches his head in response to his haircut being insulted.

So that’s it. The meme is over. Let this video be the end, and let’s not keep going with “Waluigi roasts Franklin.”

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