Knockout City Roadmap Reveals New Maps, Ball Type, And Playlists Arriving In 2021

Knockout City recently revealed its 2021 roadmap, giving us a sneak peek at new maps, playlists, and even a new ball type headed to the game later this year. Much of the roadmap is filled with question marks, but it’s clear Velan Studios has big plans for Knockout City in the coming months.

Heatwave is the first of many updates for Knockout City. Its first official event, Heatwave sees you running around the map collecting Ice Pops to earn unique rewards. It comes to an end on July 5, but the second season of Knockout City is promising even bigger changes. Here’s what we can look forward to with the coming season:

Knockout City Season 2 Details (July 27)

  • New Ball
  • New Crew Contracts
  • New Map
  • Three Special Events
  • New Season Contracts
  • New League Play Season
  • Five New Playlists
  • New Season Theme

It’s unclear if all this content will drop on July 27 or if it will be spread out through the season. Either way, keep your eyes peeled for the massive patch in the coming weeks.

Once Season 2 wraps up, Season 3 and Season 4 are also planned for later this year – although Velan Studios is yet to reveal any specifics. We know they’ll take place in Fall and Winter, respectively, but other than that nothing new was announced. However, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think they'll follow the precedent set by Season 2 – that is, introducing new maps, ball types, and playlists.

Despite little to no advertising prior to launch, Knockout City has managed to pull in more than 5 million players. Much of that success is due to Xbox Game Pass, but it's still great to see the innovative game catching on with players. With a robust roadmap planned for the rest of 2021, Knockout City should remain a popular destination for anyone who needs a break from their battle royale of choice.

Knockout City is available on Xbox Game Pass and is free to try until Street Rank 25. You can also find it on PC for $19.99.

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