Knockout City Hits 2 Million Players In Just 3 Days

EA has revealed two million people are playing Knockout City just three days after its free trial was made available.

Sport and battle royal games are so plentiful right now that developers really have to set themselves apart to make a dent in the industry. While Knockout City isn’t a typical sports game, nor does it fall neatly under the BR umbrella, it has a foot in each world. A dodgeball-based game made up of quick rounds in which players need do nothing more than throw balls at each other.

Simple, yet addictive and different, exactly what it needs to be. That is evident by the number of people who have given Knockout City a whirl in its first three days. It was revealed via Knockout City’s Twitter account on Monday night that two million people have downloaded the game so far.

“Welcome to Knockout City, population: YOU! Well, you, and TWO MILLION of your friends,” Knockout City tweeted. It highlighted the game’s cross-platform and cross-progression capabilities in the same thread, as well as highlighting the game is free to play right now. Knockout City has kicked off life with its Block Party, a ten-day event during which the game is free for anyone on any platform.

Even though the Knockout City download is labeled a trial on various stores, because that’s technically what it is for the next five days, the game is not limited. Everything that will be included in the full game can be experienced during the trial with new features being added every day. League play will make its debut today. If you buy Knockout City before the trial ends then you will be rewarded with an array of loot.

After the trial comes to an end, Knockout City will cost $19.99. Unless you have Game Pass of course, in which case you will be able to keep playing the frantic dodgeball game for no added charge. There hasn’t been a massive amount of hype surrounding Knockout City during the build to its release, and it could well be the sleeper hit of 2021. Be sure to check out TheGamer’s review of the game and experience the free trial before it ends next week.

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