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  • Vision 3-1: Forlock, The Tree Village
  • Vision 3-1: Where To Find All The Phantomilians
  • Vision 3-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs
  • Vision 3-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones
  • Vision 3-2: The Tree Mansion Of Machinery
  • Vision 3-2 Where To Find All The Phantomilians
  • Vision 3-2: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs
  • Vision 3-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

Another Klonoa: Door To Phantomile vision approaches! This time we will be rescuing Phantomilians while traipsing through tree tops. Prepare to encounter a number of fiendish flowers concealing the oh-so-precious Ngapoko Eggs. We will then have to work our way through a puzzling mechanized tree. Needless to say, we're going to have our hands full.

But worry not, you are going to be able to free every last Phantomilian. And hey, the Dream Stones are actually some of the easier to obtain in the game. Just follow this guide, and you will easily reign supreme over Door To Phantomile's third vision.

Vision 3-1: Forlock, The Tree Village

We make our return to Forlock The Tree Village. Here we are going to be spending a lot of time high up in the trees. You will be encountering a lot of destructible boxes, and present concealing flowers, which all contain delightful goodies.

Vision 3-1: Where To Find All The Phantomilians

When you hit the first locked door in this stage, you will be able to hop up to the platform above the door and grab your first Phantomilian (1/6). Once you pass through that door, you will be conveyed to the other side of the screen. There is a section where a box will prevent you from hopping down onto the platform below. Just grab the nearby moo and do a boosted jump above that box to destroy it. Now, hop down and grab the Phantomilian (2/6).

Once you enter the section of the stage where a tree is pivoting on top of a box, there will be another (vaguely hidden) Phantomilian (3/6) to the left, wedged under a platform. After you knock down the tree, and grab the key, you will move through a door and find yourself in an area with a flower in the foreground. Grab a moo and throw it at the flower. You will uncover a Ngapoko Egg. Break it and you will grab the fourth Phantomilian (4/6).

On your way to the next key, you will circle a flower. Throw a moo at it, and it will reveal a Ngapoko Egg. Break that egg and you will free another Phantomilian (5/6). The very last Phantomilian is located next to the elevator in the final section of the stage (the one next to the giant armored moo). Just throw a moo at the flower in the background, then break the egg it reveals. With that, you will have rescued the final Phantomilian (6/6).

Vision 3-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

The first Ngapoko Egg is to the right of the first destructible box you encounter. It is invisible, so you will have to jump up and touch it to reveal it. Break it to receive a few Dream Stones. The next Ngapoko Egg contains a key and is absolutely unmissable. After passing through the second locked door, you will encounter a flower sitting in the foreground. Toss a moo at it to reveal a Ngapoko Egg. There is a Phantomilian inside.

To the left of the bridge (in the area that contains a key), drop down and take out another flower to reveal another Ngapoko egg. This one contains a coin. Now, head back up and circle around to where the key is. Take out yet another flower, reveal another Ngapoko egg, and crack it to free another Phantomilian. The last Ngapoko Egg is to the right of the giant armored moo. It is another one concealed in a flower. Once you open it you will gain the last Phantomilian.

Vision 3-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

The good news is, the Dream Stones aren't that hard to obtain in this stage. There are only really two tricky areas. One is an on-rails section. This occurs just before the final area. There are a bunch of spikes hovering around, and they are designed to push you far away from the center, which is where you will often need to be to grab the Dream Stones.

Beyond that, you will have to hit a switch behind a giant armored moo, but you need to avoid killing it. So, hit it once by throwing an enemy at it to remove its armor. Then, it will start moving left to right. Hit the switch once it moves away from it. Now, when you get to the elevator, grab an enemy and take out the giant moo. It will drop some valuable Dream Stones. Just make sure to hit every box and every flower. As long as you get them all, you will walk away with all 150 Dream Stones.

Vision 3-2: The Tree Mansion Of Machinery

The Tree Mansion is far less linear than the stages you have played through up to this point. There is actually a degree of puzzle solving involved. It also introduces some explosive new enemies. Worry not, we'll happily guide you to every last collectible contained within.

Vision 3-2 Where To Find All The Phantomilians

After you have moved through the first locked door, the first Phantomilian (1/6) is high up, close to a monkey moo who is swinging about. Grab the nearest moo to you and use them to hop up and grab the monkey moo, then do a boosted jump using the monkey to release the Phantomilian. In the same section of this stage, when you reach the exit at the end, grab one of those exploding moos and enter into the next area. You will be on a bridge with a Ngapoko egg. Break it to release a Phantomilian (2/6).

In the area past the bridge, you will circle a humongous cog. In the foreground will be a Phantomilian (3/6). Grab a nearby moo and use them to release the Phantomilian in question. The next Phantomilian (4/6) is in the room that holds the next key you need to obtain (making this Phantomilian extremely hard to miss). Just use the bird enemies to propel yourself upward with boost jumps. You will need to do two boosted jumps consecutively.

The last two Phantomilians are, essentially, unmissable. Once you get the gears turning again, you will return to a room from the beginning of the stage that contains an elevator-like platform that will lift you up and lead directly to a Phantomilian (5/6). In the room after this one, the next Phantomilian is just sitting on the main path. So, just jump into it and retrieve the final Phantomilian (6/6). It is like they just forgot to hide the last couple of Phantomilians, eh?

Vision 3-2: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

The first Ngapoko Egg is located on the bridge just before the area with the giant cog. Just grab a moo in the area before this one to break open the egg. In the next area (the one with the giant cog), there is an invisible Ngapoko Egg next to the cog that contains some Dream Stones. In the next room, there is an egg just below the entrance. Grab one of the exploding enemies and toss it at the egg to grab a heart refill. With that, you should have claimed all the Ngapoko Eggs!

Vision 3-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

Good news! The Dream Stones are all pretty easy to obtain. Consider this stage to be a brief reprieve in that regard. There are only really two areas where you could get hung up. First, in the area with the first mirror spirit (it will be in the background), make sure to flip the switch before you toss a moo at the spirit. Obviously, avoid gathering any Dream Stones while flipping the switch. Then, take out the mirror spirit and gather all the Dream Stones in the cache you unlocked.

The next vaguely troublesome area contains another Mirror Spirit section. You will need to hop over giant spiked balls. But you are actually given a decent amount of time here. As long as you don't get sloppy, you will get all the Dream Stones. If you do biff it, just intentionally die and start again. It shouldn't take many attempts.

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