Kingdom Hearts 3: How To Farm Damascus

Farming for materials is bound to happen in any RPG, especially ones developed by Square Enix. Grinding has always been a staple of the genre and while modern RPGs tend to veer away from power leveling, franchises like Kingdom Hearts never learned to be generous with their random drops. Material grinding is a staple of Kingdom Hearts’ post-game, with the numbered games taking things to another level entirely.

Both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II demand players dedicate a considerable amount of time to material grinding if they want to synthesize everything. Kingdom Hearts III follows in its predecessor’s footsteps, especially when it comes to Damascus. One of the rarest materials in Kingdom Hearts III, finding Damascus is easier said than done.

Damascus Uses

Keyblades are an essential part of Kingdom Hearts’ gameplay loop, with Sora typically acquiring an assortment of different Keychains over the course of his journey. While each Keyblade has their own unique stats and properties, Kingdom Hearts III fleshes the weapon out through the introduction of the Keyblade Forge.

Players can use the Keyblade Forge to upgrade their Keyblades from Level 1 to Level 10. Doing so requires several materials with Damascus being necessary for Levels 4, 5, and 6. You’ll need quite a lot of Damascus to upgrade every weapon in the game, let alone a favorite or two. Anyone who wants to 100% Kingdom Hearts III should start farming for Damascus as soon as they can.

Damascus Treasure Chests

Damascus is very hard to find as a random drop and never actually shows up in the Moogle Shop. Contrary to several online sources, Damascus will never be sold in any of Kingdom Hearts III’s shops. All Damascus in the game either has to be found through random drops or obtained via treasure chests. There are 12 pieces of Damascus hidden in Kingdom Hearts III’s chests.

Two can be found in the Kingdom of Corona, one in The Forest / Wetlands and the other in The Forest / Marsh. Two can be found in Monstropolis, one on The Factory / Ground Floor and the other in The Power Plant / Accessway. Three can be found in Arendelle, one in The Northern Mountain / Treescape, another in The Labyrinth of Ice / Upper Tier, and the last in The North Mountains / Foothill.

Three more pieces can be found in The Caribbean, one in The High Seas / Isla de los Mastiles, the second in The High Seas / Sandbar Isle, and the third in The High Seas / Northern Waters (Horseshoe Island). The last two can be found in San Fransokyo, the first in The City / South District and the second in The City / North District.

Gummi Ship Farming

Aside from treasure chests, the only reliable way to farm Damascus in Kingdom Hearts III is to blow up asteroids while piloting the Gummi Ship. Alongside other materials needed for the Keyblade Forge, there’s a chance that Damascus will drop. For the best chance of success, stick to the Misty Stream and The Eclipse – both of which have the highest chances of dropping Damascus. A few pieces of Damascus can also be obtained by completing Treasure Sphere Epsilon in the Misty Stream and Treasure Sphere Eta in The Eclipse.

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