Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R- All-Star Battle Mode Guide

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  • What Is All-Star Battle Mode?
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Most modern fighting games are laser-focused on the competitive scene, with robust online options but limited single-player content. Luckily, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R has several offline game modes, including two arcade challenges and several versus mode variations.

Still, ASBR's primary single-player campaign is All-Star Battle mode. In this unique mission mode, players new to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure can catch up to speed with the story while dedicated fans can relive some of their favorite battles! Curious to see what's under this mode's stone mask? We got the lowdown for you!

What Is All-Star Battle Mode?

All-Star Battle Mode is ASBR's signature single-player mission mode. Players must complete a minimum number of manga panels featuring titular Jojo battles to unlock boss panels on each page. Winning boss panel fights unlocks new features, like the ability to play stone mask characters outside of stone mask arenas in Versus mode.

Additionally, each panel rewards gold for completion, which one can use to buy artwork, music, and customization items from the gallery shop. Furthermore, certain items can only get unlocked by completing unique missions specific to a panel. Lastly, players can exchange gold for helpful support items to assist them in battle.

What Does Each Panel Mean?

There are three types of panels you will encounter in All-Star Battle mode. They are defined as follows:

  • Normal Panels: These green panels represent canonical matches throughout Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Extra Panels: These purple panels represent dream matches between characters from different universes and story arcs.
  • Boss Panels: These gold panels represent pivotal boss battles from each part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Boss panels stay locked until one completes a minimum number of panels on their page.

If you wish to learn more about a specific panel, select it with your cursor for more information. These details will include:

  • The Panel Type: Normal, Extra, or Boss.
  • Difficulty Level: Rated from one to five stars.
  • The Match-Up: The two characters who are fighting each other.
  • Assist Character: Each fighter's assist partner (if applicable).
  • Panel Completion Rewards: The gold reward for completing the panel.
  • Secret Missions: The number of secret missions one can complete during this match.
  • Special Rules: Special conditions that apply to this match.

What Are Special Rules?

Special rules are supports and detriments that can apply to the player, their opponent, or both in an all-star battle match. Some standard special rules include:

  • Player's attack/defense decreased
  • Player's attack/defense increased
  • Opponent's attack/defense decreased
  • Opponent's attack/defense increased
  • Opponent's health continuously refills
  • Opponent's HH Gauge continuously refills
  • Win within a count of 60

On the other hand, some special rules are character specific. For instance, consider these examples:

  • Kars: Starts battle in Ultimate Thing Mode
  • Avdol: Player's fire damage decreased
  • Lisa Lisa: Player's HH Gauge only fills with Hamon Breathing

What Are Secret Missions?

Each panel includes several secret missions one can complete throughout the battle. The key-shaped icons on the panel indicate the number of missions. When a player completes a secret mission, they can receive rewards like gold, artwork, customization items, and more!

Secret missions contain objectives similar to other fighting game mission modes. For instance, a secret mission could be an in-battle achievement like landing the first attack. Or a secret mission can be character-specific, like landing a signature attack or technique.

However, unlike other fighting game mission modes, secret missions are secret. You can only discover the hidden objectives by completing them or paying gold to reveal them. Each mission objective costs 250 gold to reveal. Therefore, we recommend seeing what missions you can complete cold first before paying to reveal the objectives.

What Are Support Effects?

Suppose you are fighting a battle repeatedly with no win in sight. Perhaps the computer difficulty is very formidable. Or maybe the special rules heavily favor the opponent. In this case, investing in some support effects for the battle is in your best interest.

You can open the support effect menu in one of two ways. First, you can open the menu before initially starting the battle. Second, after losing a match, you can select "Retry with Support Effect."

Once in the Support Effect menu, you can equip up to three effects. However, if you equip two of the same effect with different magnitudes, only the higher level effect will apply. Here's a list of all the effects available:

Support Effect Qualities Cost
Reimi's Sugimoto's Warning Start with your HH Gauge filled with two bars. 500 G
Zeppeli's Soul, Entrusted To The Future Start with HH Gauge at maximum. 750 G
Keep Tapping With Arts & Craft's Finger Your HH Gauge automatically fills over time. 1,000 G
Get Comfy With Pole Jam Your health automatically regenerates over time. 2,000 G
Take The Freeway Thru Hell The opponent's health is slightly reduced. 500 G
Miasma of the Void The opponent's health is considerably reduced. 1,000 G
Thankful Death The opponent's health drains over time (stops at 1). 1,500 G
Master Wielding Anubis Own attack increased. 500 G
Cloud Suit Own defense increased. 500 G
The Mysterious Stone Mask Own attack/defense increased. 900 G
Tiny Feet Shrinks Its Opponents Opponent's attack decreased. 500 G
Set's Reverse Aging Opponent's defense decreased. 500 G
Highway Go Go's Nutrient Absorption Opponent's attack/defense decreased. 900 G
The Strong Arm Of A Shining Diamond Your attacks will guard crush more easily. 400 G
600 Armor Piercing Rounds Per Minute Your attacks will guard crush a lot more easily. 600 G
Boys Man Man Steals the Advantage The opponent's HHA and GHA are sealed. 750 G
Moody's Jazz Replay A random battle effect will get applied. 1,000 G

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