Jenny, Hugh Neutron, And Rocko Are Coming To Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

After months of being joked about to hell and back, the unthinkable has happened: Hugh Neutron is coming to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. He was confirmed just now alongside Rocko and My Life as a Teenage Robot's Jenny Wakeman.

Jenny is the first of the bunch to be available to play as, and is live in the game now. After that, we can expect Hugh and Rocko later in the year, making it clear that Nick Brawl is, once again, alive and kicking.

Alongside the surprising triple reveal, we have a trailer of Jenny in action. She comes kitted out with a bunch of different weapons, and is able to stretch her arms for additional range. She can also shoot projectiles and dunk opponents off the stage – so definitely liable to irritate her opponents.

Jenny is Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl's first paid DLC, and her brawler pack costs £3.99. She can also be bought as part of a pack with Hugh and Rocko for £9.29, which comes with their new stages and alternate skins.

We have no specific release date for the next two fighters, but Hugh is currently scheduled for a summer launch, with Rocko joining the roster this fall.

Few fans predicted that the first fighter pack would have a lineup quite like this. Jenny seemed like an obvious pick, but many anticipated that she'd be revealed alongside Jimmy Neutron, as much as they wanted his dad to make his fighting game debut. Rocko

All three of the upcoming fighters were among the top ten most requested fighters last year. It seems that the devs are paying attention to what fans want, so it's likely that we can expect more of these much-wanted fighters to be added in the future. Among the favourites, we have Timmy Turner, Squidward, and Zuko, all of which could fit in with the roster quite nicely.

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