Japanese Billionaire Set To Discover If Pokemon Go Works In Space

Pokemon Go launched back in 2016 and allowed all of us to live out a lifelong dream we didn't think would ever become a reality. The opportunity to travel the world, the real one, seeking out and catching Pokemon. The game has been an unmitigated hit and as long as you have a mobile phone with a signal and Pokemon Go installed, you can play it absolutely anywhere.

It turns out being able to play Pokemon Go anywhere on the planet isn't enough for some people. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa wants to know if you can still play the game while in space. Maezawa, his assistant, and their film producer shot off into space last week and are currently residing on the International Space Station. The billionaire recently shared a time-lapse of one full orbit of the Earth on Twitter.

That's great and beautiful and blah blah blah but come on Maezawa, close your camera app and open up the Pokemon Go one already. You've been up there for a week, your 10.8 million Twitter followers are waiting to see if Deoxys really does live in space. Or, even better, there's an intergalactic variant of Pidgey that has been left undiscovered thanks to us all being stuck here more than 200 miles underneath your feet.

Until Maezawa and his team finally play Pokemon Go and get back to us with their findings, we can speculate wildly about what they might find. The odds of Niantic including region-exclusive Pokemon only available to trainers who make it to space seems unlikely. Depending on how exactly those on the ISS connect to the internet, Pokemon Go could simply believe Maezawa is just moving incredibly quickly across whatever part of Earth is directly below him.

Although astronauts on the ISS can do things like tweet and watch Netflix (maybe steer clear of checking out Gravity) the most likely outcome is Pokemon Go does nothing in space. That Maezawa will open the app and be greeted with an error message or simply his avatar and buddy Pokemon treading aimlessly in an infinite amount of nothingness. That's boring though, so let's keep our collective fingers crossed that the entirety of gen nine is residing in space and a Japanese billionaire is about to ruin its future reveal.

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