It Takes Two Wins Game Of The Year At The Game Awards

It Takes Two, from Hazelight Studios, has won the coveted Game of the Year award at The Game Awards. It beat out some strong competitors, but none could match the joy of the sheer amount of games within It Takes Two. As said by TheGamer's editor-in-chief, Stacey Henley, "Of the six GOTY nominees at The Game Awards, It Takes Two is the best example of what a video game can be."

As well as getting the biggest trophy of the night, It Takes Two also rightfully won the best multiplayer game and best family game.

It Takes Two features people-turned-dolls Cody and May – a miserable couple on the brink of divorce. They fix their marriage through a series of minature misadventures that see them participate in a wasp genocide, a romantic snowglobe mountain trip, and also a seriously dark torture scene. Seriously, we won't get over what we did to that elephant.

As well as an endless supply of unique levels and mechanics, It Takes Two also boasts the incredible Dr Hakim, one of 2021's best video game characters. A book of love magically brought to life, Dr Hakim forces May and Cody to work through their issues rather than allowing them to drift apart. His brilliance is only matched by how annoying Cody is.

Perhaps what helped It Takes Two take home the gold is its unique quality of being playable with absolutely anyone, even people who don't play games regularly, making it perfect for people in relationships trying to understand their partner's hobby. It's responsible for saving marriages as well as making some people cheer for the side of divorce.

This win is big news for Hazelight Studios founder, Josef Fares, gaming's favourite charming rogue. He famously shouted, "Fuck the Oscars!" at last year's Game Awards – which can be found as an easter egg in the game – and said fuck again a whole lot as he took the stage tonight.

An Assyrian refugee who moved to Sweden aged ten to escape the Lebanese civil war, Fares got his start as a film director before going on to create co-op games Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out. His next game will "take everything to the next level," and is already in the works. We're not sure what level there is above game of the year, but we're excited to see it.

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