It Takes Two: Force Triangulated Guide

It Takes Two, a cooperative action platformer, was released last month by Hazelight Studios. Troubled parents May and Cody are always fighting, and the turmoil is impacting their daughter, Rose. Rose wants her parents to be friends again, so she makes a wish that they’d fix their relationship. This wish transforms them into toys, and they’ll need to come to terms with their problems if they want their bodies back.

It Takes Two showcases an excellent story and gameplay that almost anyone will enjoy. Completionists will find even more to love, as it’s an easy game to 100%. It’s easy for players to secure all of the game’s achievements with the right guide. One trophy that may give players trouble is “Force Triangulated”.

Serving as a nod to Legend of Zelda, it’s a great easter egg that comes with profile rewards. Snag this trophy during your first playthrough of It Takes Two, or check it off your list of outstanding tasks.

Select The “Gates Of Time” Checkpoint In The Cuckoo Clock

To track down this lovely easter egg, players will have to make their way through Cody and May’s Cuckoo Clock. Those replaying the level to grab this trophy should make sure to select the ‘Gates Of Time’ Section.

For the first time, those playing through the game should keep their eyes peeled for the above scenery and an area of the map that lets May and Cody explore freely. Load into the area once you’re ready.

Head Over To The River By Helltower

Once you and your partner have made your way to the “Gates of Time”, start heading over to the Helltower sign. This is the most recognizable landmark on your way to the trophy.

If you’re tracking down minigames to add to your repertoire, scale the rooftops, as players can find the ‘Bomb Run’ minigame in front of the Helltower sign. After you’ve checked the area for minigames, head to the right of Helltower to find a river. In the river, you’ll see a rail that you can ride. Hop on and head into the level’s secret cave.

Ride The Rail Hidden In The Water

Once you’re on the rail, you’ll make your way through a deep cave. Be careful to stay on the railing, as landing in the water will kill May and Cody, sending them back to the entrance of the cave. Keep riding the rail until you see a dollhouse with a street lamp outside.

Enter The Building At The End Of The Rail

Make your way to the door of the dollhouse, pressing the button prompt once you’re close enough. After entering the dollhouse, you’ll be treated to a Legend of Zelda reference — complete with breakable pots, a merchant, and rupees.

The trophy should unlock when you enter the house, but feel free to stick around and interact with this easter egg, taking screenshots to commemorate the experience.

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