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So you're coming to the end of Islets – the areas are getting grimmer, the enemies more relentless, and the atmosphere more cloying. The game builds up this encounter really well, giving you a terrifying glimpse of this rogue robot in a cutscene that could have been in a horror game.

When you get down to it, however, Rogue Bot can be a bit of a pushover if you've been honing your platforming skills. With trained reflexes and all the upgrades you've been picking up over the course of the game, there shouldn't be too many problems taking this mechanical rodent down!

Rogue Bot's Attacks

All of Rogue Bot's attacks are actually mechanisms built into the arena – at least, that's the case until you hit it enough to start the second phase of the fight.

Attack Description How To Counter
Meat Grinder Two large spiked boxes fall on either side of the arena before smashing to the center. Once they clash, they rise into the air and into the ceiling. When you see the boxes fall down, head either to the left or the right of the center of the arena. Double jump over the boxes as they travel towards the center. Don't jump over them in the middle. Alternatively, you can dodge rollthrough a box as it travels towards you.
Arrow Blaster Two halves of a circle smash into the middle of the arena and then start sending out waves of arrows. There will be easily-seen gaps in the arrows that you can stand in between. You'll need to adjust slightly between each wave. Avoid dodge rolling to be safe.
Laser Box A box hangs down from the top of the screen and starts shooting a rotating laser around the arena. Dodge through the laser as it sweeps towards you.
Spike Cannon A cannon rises from the floor and shoots spiked mines into the air. These will spread across the length of the arena, bounce once on the ground, and then fall through the floor. Try to position yourself between two of these mines and be wary of the bounce.
Enraged Eye Lasers Once enraged, Rogue Bot will start firing bursts of lasers at you between every attack it makes, making every other attack more complicated to dodge. Rogue Bot shoots three pairs of lasers – they're quite easy to dodge but might make dodging other attacks harder. A good way to counter this attack is to stay on the move at all times.

How To Beat Rogue Bot

Honestly, this boss fight plays out more like a persistent obstacle course, and at this point in the game, it should be a great opportunity to flex your abilities. If you're skilled enough with your reaction times, this might be a great candidate to get the achievement for not taking damage during a boss fight.

  • Dodging through the boxes during the Meat Grinder attack is probably a safer way to deal with it, but jumping over will allow you to get some damage in.
  • This boss has quite low health, but it's important to note that only attacks to its head will damage it – the body is not part of the hitbox.
  • It'll be tempting to attack during the Laser Box attack, but resist the temptation. The laser is incredibly quick. Instead, try to use your bow for some quick damage instead.
  • The only time you have to be on-guard is during the second phase, but the fight should be over so quickly that it may even be possible to brute force through the damage if you're healthy enough once the phase starts.

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