Is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale release date coming this week?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2 launched last Tuesday and whilst the big additions might have been the Rust map and Ghost as a new operator, the opening cinematic heavily hinted at the launch of Battle Royale.

The huge teaser that dropped appeared to show players jumping out of planes and a ring of cloud closing in across the map.

Officially, Activision has said nothing, refusing to officially confirm, nor deny, the existence of a Battle Royale mode, let alone any details which might indicate when it will go live.

However, in a crazy twist, the mode was leaked fairly heavily in the days that followed Season 2's launch.

Players have glitched into areas they shouldn't, into lobbies for the mode itself and several dataminers have uncovered plenty of details about the game too.

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For starters, this new Battle Royale mode is believed to be called Warzone. Which conjures up memories of WWE and a PSOne disc I lost as a child.

However, whilst we know a lot about how the Warzone mode might look, work and play, there's still plenty of key details that are up in the air.

For example, will this be a free addition to Call of Duty Modern Warfare? Will it cost money? Will it be sold like a new Season? When will it be released?

The latter is obviously the most pressing and some well-known leakers suggest it could be released a lot sooner than you think.

In fact, it could launch this week.

Dexerto is reporting that Call of Duty Modern Warfare could drop the Warzone mode as part of a stealth launch in the coming days. Surely as a blow to Fortnite who are preparing to launch Chapter 2, Season 2 later this week on Thursday.

Dexerto's report stems from some quotes by TheGamingRevolution, a well-known Call of Duty leaker who had previously revealed ample information about the new maps, weapons and more coming to the game in the past few months.

In fact, TheGamingRevolution was suspended from Twitter last week following an Activision copyright strike after he revealed several more details about the Warzone mode.

However, TheGamingRevolution has suggested that Warzone might launch Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

This is when Infinity Ward normally release updates to the game, both big and small.

As per Dexerto, the possible release date is an “educated guess” from the known leaked, based on several pieces of information provided to him.

It's worth stressing that TheGamingRevolution hasn't always been right with his predictions, but he has also been at the forefront of leaks and information on future content.

So we'd suggest taking the information with some grain of salt, but equally not to be too sceptical given the sources decent track record.

Whilst we think it might be clever for Activision to try and go head to head with Fortnite, we can imagine that they might not want to detract too heavily from the launch of their own second season quite so early.

As such it seems more likely that Battle Royale might launch in a couple of weeks, if not later as the main focus for Season 3.

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