Is DualShock 5 Controller going to copy this one key Stadia feature?

Sony has recently been on a bit of an announcement spree: a few weeks ago, the company officially revealed that the PlayStation 5 launch date will come at the end of 2020, and that it will come with a whole new generation of DualShock controller .

The folks over at Wired got a pretty close look at the console and its proposed specs, and have some preliminary details about the specs of the newly-announced DualShock 5 (tentative name).

But now more information is stating to materialise, too.

Even though the controller "doesn't have a name yet", it looks like Sony is starting to patent the tech that will power the pad – and one feature in particular already looks a little familiar.

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Dutch blog Techtastic was the first to report on the patent application , filed by Sony several weeks ago, that shows us information on something referred to as a "Network Connected Controller for Direct to Cloud Gaming".

Interesting, right? From what we can infer, this pad will more or less be your dirct vessel to a cloud–based service, suggesting that as long as you have this pad on you, you'll be able to play PlayStation games on other devices with the pad doing all the heavy lifting.

To put it simply: you'll either be able to download games directly to the pad, or use the pad as a PlayStation-themed 'ChromeCast' style device to cast games onto screens.

Google Stadia is working on this sort of tech, and promises to let gamers cast Stadia games to TVs, tablets or phones wherever they are – it makes sense that Sony would want to keep pace with its competitor as it angles for a share of the massive gaming audience.

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So will this tech actually make it into the next-gen DualShock? Maybe.

Just because patents get filed, it doesn't necessarily mean they live to see the light of day. You just need to take a look at Sony's patent for an impressive (if somewhat unrealistic) PSVR setup to see that.

We've not even had eyes on the DualShock 5 yet, so its actual features are still very much up in the air.

We'll let you know when the pad is formally shown off, and the official specs are out in the open.

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