Is Dante from Devil May Cry coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate in February?

Everybody is waiting patiently to see when Nintendo will announce its new Nintendo Direct stream.

Though Nintendo has announced a special Pokémon Direct broadcast – which is due to go live tomorrow (Thursday, 9th January at 2.30pm UK time) – dedicated Nintendo fans are expecting to see another stream this month, too.

Fans are expecting updates on Devil May Cry 3 for Nintendo Switch , but there could also be more updates coming related to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate's Fighters Pass 5 DLC.

We know we're waiting to see a fair few games announced for Nintendo Switch sometime soon, and now a Capcom producer has dropped more hints about what we could see when it arrives.

Capcom's Matt Walker, a producer from the Devil May Cry team, has sent out a video detailing more information about the upcoming port of Devil May Cry 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

"[Capcom] thinks y'all are really gonna like" a bonus piece of content coming to the upcoming DMC3 Switch port, and teases something else might arrive in the interim period, too.

Now, we know that for Smash Bros DLC, “All packs will be released by Feb. 2020," as per Nintendo. Walker teases three dates in his message: "January 16th, January 30th and February 13th".

Could we see a Nintendo Direct arrive on one of these dates, where we see Sakurai announce Dante as the next Smash character?

The console's eShop updated the listing for the DLC fighter to suggest the estimated launch date of the content is now 29 February 2020.

The new listing notes that the character will arrive with a new stage and 'several' new music tracks.

We're hoping that'll be a Devil May Cry-themed stage, and the DLC pack will be padded out with some incredible Capcom music.

We'll update you more as new information becomes available.

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