Is A Famed Game Composer Thirsty For Family Guy’s Lois Griffin?

Is famous game composer Hideki Naganuma thirsty for Lois Griffin? Maybe. Or maybe he’s just lonely.

We’ve got a lot to unpack here, so we’re just going to dive right in. First, you gotta know about Hideki Naganuma, the famed video game composer. He got his big break in Jet Set Radio, a game for the Sega Dreamcast where you roll around and roller blades spray painting things. It had an extremely unique and really catchy soundtrack that complimented the game so perfectly it’s hard to imagine Jet Set Radio being nearly as successful without it.

After that, Naganuma went on to compose the soundtrack to the sequel, Jet Set Radio Future, and then Super Monkey Ball 3D, Sonic Rush, and others. He’ll be featured along with several other artists on the upcoming Streets of Rage 4, although he might be listed under his alias “skankfunk” (which is another long story we’ll have to ignore for now).

Anyway, Naganuma is a pretty big deal. And for some reason, he’s recently become obsessed with Family Guy.

It started earlier this year when he came across a long-dead meme known as Family Guy Funny Moments. According to Naganuma, he just liked how the meme sounded without understanding anything about what it meant, and then he just ran with it. And he hasn’t stopped running since then.

First, he changed his profile picture to be of Peter Griffin. Then the fan art started coming in mashing Jet Set Radio and Family Guy, and then Jet Set Radio songs started getting mixed into Family Guy episodes, and then totally new memes started being generated almost like alchemy.

It’s been a journey. And now we arrive at Lois Griffin.

Because Naganuma has been running with the Family Guy meme for so long, it’s hard to tell where the meme ends and the human begins. Recent posts suggest that the two have become so intertwined that there’s no distinguishing between them. Perhaps he’s so ingrained in the Peter Griffin persona that Naganuma truly believes he’s got the hots for a cartoon character.

Or maybe it’s all just a metaphor for how he feels like the lovable loser just waiting for his inexplicably hot girlfriend to arrive.

You’ll have to decide for yourself which sounds more believable.

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