Insider Claims That 80% Of The Battlefield 6 Trailer Has Been Leaked

After more Battlefield 6 leaks popped up showing a clearer look at the character models, Battlefield insider Tom Henderson has claimed that 80% of the trailer has been leaked.

The upcoming Battlefield trailer is one of the work kept secrets in gaming at the moment, and the latest round of leaks is apparently bringing the total amount of content leaked from the trailer at 80%, owing to the fact that some of the more recent leaks are five seconds in length.

The claim of 80% of the trailer being leaked comes from Tom Henderson, a prominent Battlefield leaker. In a Tweet regarding a recent leak, he said, “Woke up to even more BATTLEFIELD leaks. I’d say that we’ve now seen 80% or so of that trailer as a lot of the scenes leaked are all 5+ secs in length”.

The leaks that Tom is referring to include screenshots from the trailer that have been turned into gifs and audio leaks to go alongside the images. It’s hard to make out specific details due to a large watermark, but a pretty large part of the trailer can still be made out, and it does confirm some of the rumours about the game, including the destructive weather effects and the fact that it’ll simply be titled Battlefield.

The Battlefield community has joked that they’d likely be able to piece the trailer together before EA releases it, but that joke is fast becoming a reality. Tom Henderson has been one of the most reliable leakers regarding Battlefield, from just reporting on the state of the trailer to actually sketching out scenes from the trailer.

Initially, the leak was contained to just two screenshots from the trailer that mimicked what Tom Henderson had sketched, but they have been picking up speed since EA announced that the trailer would be coming in June, and not releasing in May as many had speculated.

The trailer leaks are just the tip of the iceberg for Battlefield 6, with various other elements of the game being revealed before its official unveiling, including that it might not feature a story mode, and that it might have free-to-play elements.

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