Inkulinati: How To Beat Hildegard

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Hildegard is one of the many bosses you can face in Inkulinati. As a woman of faith, she will bless her Beasts with Halos, granting them increased damage and accuracy, while swarming the battlefield with bow-wielding bunnies.

Hildegard can be a tough opponent, especially early in the game. Her Halos bring constant buffs to her Beasts, drastically increasing the damage they deal. Below, we'll take a look at every Beast Hildegard can use, and some tips and tricks for beating her.

How To Beat Hildegard

As mentioned above, Hildegard's main strategy involves summoning many low-cost Beasts, like the Bow-Wielding Rabbit, and buffing them with Halos with Anointed Hands and the Beast's personal Prayer buff. In this way, she can pelt you from afar with high-damage arrow attacks, making it difficult to approach her.

Due to the randomness of the battlefield, you won't necessarily be able to approach this fight in the same way each time. Overall, your best option is to push as many Beasts, and Hildegard herself, off the edges of the arena as you can.

Hildegard's Beasts

Hildegard can use the following Beasts.

  • Bow-Wielding Rabbit
  • Spear-Wielding Rabbit
  • Sword-Wielding Rabbit
  • Sir Snail
  • Bishop Cat

Although she can use Sir Snail and Bishop Cat, she hardly ever does, instead focusing on the Rabbit Beasts. If she does summon a Bishop Cat, watch out, as this Beast can apply Halos, heal allies, and deal extremely high damage against Heretics.

In general, the Rabbit Beasts don't have the highest damage; their strength comes from their low Ink cost and Prayer ability. However, with enough Halos, they can deal high damage with each attack, making them hard to counter.

Since the Bow-Wielding Rabbits can attack from long-range, we recommend using long-range Beasts of your own. Hildegard's strategy is a pretty sound one, but it can be beaten in a mirror match. Alternatively, the tried-and-true push enemies off the edge strategy will work the best.

Tips And Tricks

Depending on when you fight Hildegard in your journey, she may have more Hand Actions and Talents, including Take a Nap and Inky Business. You will only have to worry about Take a Nap as you get closer to Hildegard, as this Hand Action has a short range. Take a Nap forces the Beast to enter its Nap state, regardless of if it has acted. Try to use Beasts close to Hildegard before she acts.

Inky Business, on the other hand, can be hard to deal with, as it lets Hildegard consistently gain Living Ink each turn, letting her continuously summon her Beasts. To combat this, try to always end your Beast's turn on an Ink puddle. This will ensure you are gaining enough Ink each turn to also summon your Beasts. For boss fights, don't worry about Boredom, as you will generally need to do everything you can to win, even if it means summoning a lot of Beasts.

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