Indie Rocker Andrew Hulshult Will Be Scoring Doom Eternal’s Upcoming DLC

When news broke that composer Mic Gordon would no longer be working with id Software, many were left wondering who would be stepping in to score Doom Eternal’s upcoming DLC packs. Many had floated around the idea of getting indie rocker Andrew Hulshult on board. Having a history of scoring numerous indie FPS titles (including DUSK, Amid Evil, and Prodeus), it only made sense.

Well, it seems like dreams do come true after all. Roughly one week after the debut trailer for “The Ancient Gods Part One,” Hulshult took to Twitter to confirm that he would be working on the soundtrack to Doom Eternal’s continuation. He’ll be joined by David Levy, who previously scored some of Rooster Teeth’s productions (including RWBY and GenLock).

The decision to tap Hulshult isn’t totally out of left field. While he primarily works in the indie space, Bethesda got him to rescore Quake Champions a few years back. Many were displeased with the original soundtrack in the free-to-play arena shooter, so Hulshult came in and worked his magic.

It might be something of a running joke to see Hulshult in the credits of FPS titles, but the man does excellent work. In DUSK, he channels something of a Nine Inch Nails vibe that perfectly meshes with the dark and foreboding atmosphere of the game. In Amid Evil, he goes more for a grand scale sound but then mixes in ambient tunes with the more spectral and abstract themes of later levels.

David Levy, on the other hand, has a history of working on indie horror films and with Rooster Teeth. I’m not personally familiar with his stuff, but he seems like a good match for the more metal-oriented Hulshult. The two should be able to create a soundtrack that does justice to what Gordon achieved in the regular Doom Eternal campaign.

It’s a shame how the situation with Gordon played out, but at least id Software is trying its best to give fans what they want. Doom Eternal – The Ancient Gods Part One should be able to invoke the brutal energy of its predecessors and that’s enough to get me excited.

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