Impressive Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Lets You Play In Virtual Reality

Imagine if there was an option to play Grand Theft Auto V in virtual reality and experience the brutal game up close and personal. Sure, the option to play in first person view already exists, but with virtual reality it is very different and even more immersive experience. The latest mod for Grand Theft Auto V turns that dream into a reality.

Known as R.E.A.L., the mod essentially turns the entire game’s story mode into a virtual reality experience. From missions to cutscenes and everything in between, the mod allows players to immerse themselves into the game and pretend that they are in it. Whether it’s participating in a shootout, running away from cops, jumping out of an airplane, or engaging in a hobby, all of that can now be witnessed firsthand.

The mod was developed by modder LukeRossOO, and the creation of R.E.A.L. spans over many months. Initially, when virtual reality started to become a mainstream topic, many modders tried to implement the concept into Grand Theft Auto V. However, the results weren’t what the modders hoped for because the mods were simple hacks and had problems with cutscenes. While that was going on, LukeRossOO wanted his Oculus Rift headset to work with the game’s missions. During the process, his concept turned into the R.E.A.L. mod and is now available for others to try out.

As explained by the modder himself, he had to work on fixing the FOV (field of view) during cutscenes in order to reduce animation glitches since some of them were complicated. On top of that, LukeRossOO had to play through the entire game in virtual reality to see if everything was satisfactory and if there weren’t any issues or conflicts with the game and the mod.

According to the mod’s page, the WMR and Pimax headsets are still not supported although the modder has contacted Microsoft and Pimax about the issue (though he does say to not hold one’s breath for a reply). As for the Oculus Rift and SteamVR headsets, both are natively supported, meaning that users should have little no no problems with the mod.

Source: Twinfinite

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