Ikea introduces a new line of furniture and gear for gamers

Getting all of your gamer gear is very important — a comfortable chair, a sturdy desk, and maybe some storage space. With that in mind, Swedish furniture company Ikea has rolled out a new gaming range with over 30 products, both big and small. There are six product families, all of which have delightful names: Uppspel, Lånespelare, Matchspel, Gruppspel, Utespelare and Hudvudspelare. The Uppspel products were designed in collaboration with Republic of Gamers.

The product line includes some obvious pieces, like gaming desks and chairs, and some smaller accessories like a ring light for streamers, or a neck pillow and mug holder to make sitting at the desk a little comfier.

The pieces in the line are offered at different price ranges to meet the needs of a variety of gamers. Furniture offerings include gaming desks, chairs, storage, and accessories include a mug holder, mouse bungee, neck pillow, ring light, and more.

For those who already use Ikea products, its worth checking to see if there are any handy add-ons to make things work for you, like the Lax Rax addition to the Kallax shelf. The Ikea gaming collection will arrive in stores in October 2021.

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