Ikea Has Cardboard Cutouts Of PS5s So Customers Can Check They’ll Fit In Media Centers

If you’re trying to find the perfect place to showcase your next-gen console, then it seems that Ikea is the perfect place to go.

There were a few things we were surprised by as Xbox and PlayStation slowly started to reveal details about their respective next-gen consoles. The games being released at launch, the features each console would boast, and most annoyingly the reluctance of both companies to reveal how much they would cost. However, the most shocking reveal of all, especially when it came to the PS5, was the size.

The Series X was the first console we got a good look at, and in typical Xbox fashion, it was just a big box. In fairness to Xbox, if you’re expecting anything more than a box with an X on it then that’s on you. Shortly after that Sony revealed the size of the PS5 and it knocked us all for six. The thing is huge, and its designer has revealed since that he wanted it to be even bigger.

It’s a big piece of kit. So big that we’re surprised we haven’t heard more complaints about the inability of its owners to find a suitable place for it to live. Its size is down to Sony wanting to keep the thing cool. If you don’t want it to sound like a jet engine every time you play something that requires even a modicum of effort, then this is the price you have to pay.

As for those of you in the market for somewhere new to store your next-gen consoles, Ikea appears to have you covered. The Swedish furniture retailer is supplying its customers with scale cardboard cutouts of the PS5 and Series X. That means anyone buying media centers or various other types of furniture from the store can make sure that their console will fit neatly within it without having to bring the hardware with them.

We say scale, as you can see in the image above, the imperial measurements on the replicas feature labels reading “pretty much 6″” and “rounded to 15.5″”. Don’t panic, the cutouts have been made to scale as far as we can tell. The casual imperial measurements are only casual to prevent complicated decimals when converting them. As for anyone who is yet to get their hands on one of these consoles, don’t get any ideas about stealing one of these replicas to impress and fool guests who will only get a passing glance at your new media center.

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