I Was A Teenage Exocolonist: How To Unlock And Use The Spa

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Sometimes holding onto the past can drag you down. This sentiment is true in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist, which uses memories as its primary gameplay mechanic. If you horde old low-value memories, you'll come up short in high-difficulty card challenges as you age. Of course, you can forget a memory after resting for a month, but this method wastes time. So, what can you do?

Luckily, in exchange for learning some empathy, you can gain access to the Living Quarter's spa. The spa is an incredibly beneficial facility that lets you pay kudos to forget memory cards. Plus, using the spa does not take the place of a monthly activity! Want to learn more? Nama-stay right here and keep reading!

How To Unlock The Spa

Unlocking the spa is straightforward since it is a perk rewarded for reaching Empathy Level 1 (thirty-three empathy points). Since your character begins the game with ten empathy points, regardless of what childhood memories you choose, you'll be a third of the way there!

Childhood Memories That Add Empathy Points

If you're not planning to focus your playthrough on empathetic careers, like running the children's creche, you may want to balance out your initial card deck and focus on gaining empathy through work and classes. However, if you wish to start the game with a tremendous amount of empathy, you should make these choices:

Genetic Enhancement Calm Temperament +10 Empathy
Childhood Friend Tammy First Playthrough: +10 Empathy, Following Playthroughs: +5 Empathy
Fourth Birthday Present A Doll From Auntie Seedant +5 Empathy

If you make these choices for your character, you will start the game with thirty empathy points. This number is a considerable head start. However, depending on the events that transpire, empathy points may be scarce in your early years of the game.

Places Where You Can Earn Empathy Points

There is no way to reach Empathy Level 1 in your first year without working or going to school. Even with the childhood memories listed above, the closest we got was thirty-two points (the last two points stemming from conversations with Tammy). Therefore, you'll have to find activities that grant empathy points for completion. Here is a list of entry to mid-level jobs that provide empathy.

Job Requirements Stats
  • Save Tammy
  • Skills: +2 Empathy, +1 Creativity
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Tammy
  • Kudos: +7 Kudos
  • Stress: +10 Stress
Kitchen Assistant
  • Must be thirteen or older
  • Twenty organizing points
  • Skills: +2 Empathy, +2 Creativity
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Tammy
  • Kudos: +7 Kudos
  • Stress: +10 Stress
  • Must be thirteen or older
  • Thirty reasoning points
  • Skills: +3 Reasoning, +1 Empathy
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Nomi-Nomi
  • Kudos: +12 Kudos
  • Stress: +10 Stress
Nursing Assistant
  • Must be sixteen or older
  • Twenty organizing points
  • Skills: +3 Biology, +3 Empathy
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Tangent
  • Kudos: +13 Kudos
  • Stress: +15 Stress

How To Use The Spa

Using the spa is similar to shopping at the supply depot or gym. You can access it at any time by entering the Living Quarters. Here is a quick overview of how it works.

  • Choose Memory: First, choose the memory card you wish to forget. Each forgotten card costs fifty kudos a piece.
  • Select Forget: Once you've selected the memories you wish to remove, press the Forget button at the bottom of the menu window.
  • Confirm Your Decision: Lastly, a prompt will ask if you wish to forget the memories. Select OK to proceed with forgetting said memory. If you wish to change your selection, choose to Cancel to abort the process.

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