Hulk Revealed As The Final Playable Character In Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns launches this week, so Firaxis dropped its final trailer and revealed the base game's thirteenth playable character. Hulk can indeed be unlocked at some point late in the game, something the studio is acutely aware a number of people figured out long ago.

“Our best kept 'secret' that absolutely no one found out about is finally revealed,” Midnight Suns tweeted. “Hulk SMASHES his way on to the Midnight Suns roster December 2.” The reveal that Hulk will be a part of the roster, giving players 13 playable characters to unlock in the base game, came with an official gameplay trailer showing him off via IGN.

The reason Firaxis knows Hulk's reveal isn't a surprise is due to a slip-up during a prior reveal. While Scarlet Witch was being revealed and shown off back in August, eagle-eyed Marvel fans spotted Hulk in her gameplay footage. Not the villainous, horned version that has been corrupted by Lilith, but a playable version wearing black and gold Midnight Suns armor.

Firaxis has confirmed Hulk is the final playable character to be revealed for the base game which makes sense as its launch is now just two days away. Much like Scarlet Witch, Hulk can't be unlocked until later on in the game. His reveal actually comes after a few of Midnight Suns DLC characters were already officially confirmed. Storm, Morbius, Venom, and Deadpool will all be added to the game at a later date.

The reaction to Midnight Suns once it launches this Friday and Marvel fans get a chance to play it will be interesting. The responses to its gradual roster reveal have been mixed. Some fans like that it has deviated greatly from the roster in the Midnight Suns comics. However, while there are some far more obscure heroes in there like Magik, the inclusion of mainstream characters like Iron Man and Captain America appears to have disappointed some. The game will definitely have depth though as it includes more than 65,000 lines of dialogue.

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