Huge New World Update Brimstone Sands Coming October 18

New World's Brimstone Sands update is coming on October 18, according to the game's official Twitter account. That means you've got just over two weeks to prepare for your journey to Aeternum's newly discovered area.

For those who've taken a break from New World (and judging from how players have criticized the lack of end-game content since launch, I don't blame you), Brimstone Sands brings an all-new story and area inspired by the mythology and architecture of both Ancient Egypt and Rome. In a preview on Amazon's site, narrative designer Aaron de Orive confirmed that Imhotep will be a central character to Brimstone's story alongside characters from the reign of Julius Caesar.

"Exploring Brimstone will reveal the tragedy that befell both of those civilizations," de Orive added, "as well as provide more insight into the lore of the enigmatic Ancients and the mystery of the island."

With a story that combines parts of Egyptian and Roman mythologies, expect a bizarre combination of the two ancient cultures. For example, there will be points of interest named after each of the nine gods of the Ennead (which is also the name of Brimstone Sands' new expedition), and there's also going to be an enormous Roman aqueduct. But then again, there's also going to be giant sandworms to fend off.

And then there are Brimstone's Ancients themselves, which are described as "mechanical, programmed, and automated organisms of the future but still very human-like beings at their core, embodying the spirit of human civilization from ancient times," according to Michael Finley. He also noted in his preview that the search for an appropriate instrument led him to the didgeridoo, an instrument that was actually invented by native Australians.

Besides the new quest, new expedition, new area, and new enemies, expect a revamped player experience, quality of life improvements, and a new Greatsword weapon class when Brimstone Sands arrives on October 18.

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