How To Unlock Invisible Bridges In The Overworld In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Since Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, there's a special area called the Overworld to explore. It's designed to look like an elaborately designed tabletop, where your character is your miniature on the board.

There are some mechanics in the Overworld that you won't understand the first time you see them. A Lucky Die on a platform across a gap you can't cross? Doesn't make any sense! … Until you get the spyglass that lets you see the invisible bridge there. We'll detail how to do that here!

Step 1: Complete The Ballad Of Bones Quest

You'll unlock the ability to cross invisible bridges by completing a quest in the Overworld, but you need to be able to access that quest first! It's in the depths of the ocean.

To get into that part of the Overworld, you'll need to complete the main quest in the Wargtooth Shallow: Ballad Of Bones! This will take some time, as it has you exploring most of this area to recover Bones Three-Wood's lost crew and pirate ship. When it's done and you've defeated the boss, you'll exit into a brand-new part of the Overworld.

Step 2: Complete The Lens Of The Deceiver Quest

Now that you're in the deep part of the Ocean, talk to the woman who's standing at the fork in the path up ahead! Her name is Margravine, and she gives you the Lens of the Deceiver quest. It's very simple; all she wants you to do is go recover a spyglass from a nearby dungeon. Once you bring it back to her, she'll craft you a magical eyepiece with the extra lens, that will allow you to see the invisible bridges!

Step 3: Cross Invisible Bridges!

With your new monocular telescope, you can see and cross the invisible bridges in the Overworld! These are scattered all over, so don't forget to return to old areas and check the old paths for them.

To see invisible bridges, you need to walk up to where they are. Weird, we know, but they won't appear until you've approached them. Thankfully, it's usually obvious where they should be, since there will be a collectible or new area or something on the other side that you can see. If you're a completionist, you'll need this device to access a lot of the extra content.

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