How To Unlock Every Secret Character In Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed And Rebound

Your first playthrough of Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound will center entirely on customizable units. That is to say, you’ll be dealing with characters of your own making. They’ll make little quips back at Zetta’s castle depending on their class, but they are essentially devoid of any meaningful personality.

This works just fine thematically, and it can be a lot of fun making up little backstories for your beloved troops. Even so, wouldn’t it be cooler to have plot-relevant people in your party? Characters with default names and predefined traits?

In some ways, recruiting every unique character is Makai Kingdom’s ultimate endgame. All of them are unavailable until you’ve beaten the game at least once. Some require three, four, or even five runs. Several conclude the story prematurely, giving you extra endings to enjoy. We’ll go down the list character by character, pointing out every requirement along the way, so that you can snag some sweet new troops as soon as possible.

Even if that still means well over a hundred hours on the in-game clock.

How to Unlock Every Unique Character in Makai Kingdom

To help keep things easy on the eyes, we’ll be including separate sections for characters based on how many playthroughs must be completed before they will join. Note that every character unlock involves a battle, true to Makai Kingdom’s combat-centric ways. It likely goes without saying, but the higher the level requirements, the stronger your foe will be. On the flip side, you’ll know the game inside and out by the time you’re up to bat with them.

To obtain most characters, your leader will need to be a certain level or higher, and they must have a specific amount of mana (or more) in their possession. These are the necessary beats for anyone whose unlock route means making a wish through Lord Zetta — and that's almost everybody.

Characters That Can Be Unlocked During Your Second Playthrough

Seven fresh faces can join your squad beginning with your initial story replay. If you miss any, they’ll be waiting for you on subsequent runs, so no worries there.

Character Required Leader Level Mana Cost Acquisition Notes
Flonne 70 3000 Make a wish: "Fight the Ally of Justice." Continue with Etna and later Laharl and Flonne will unlock. Those Skydivers don't mess around. Hit them hard from the very first turn.
Etna 80 4000 Make a wish: "See the Ending." Continue with Laharl and Etna will unlock. Just go straight for Etna. This fight should be over before you know it. Much easier than its mana cost might make you believe.
Castile 100 5000 Defeat Flonne and Etna. Make a wish: "Fight a Hero." N/A
Laharl 150 6000 Defeat Castile. Make a wish: "Fight an Overlord from the Past." Laharl's 'Seven Sins' attack is brutal. Keep your distance with high MOVE stats.
Robosuit 200 30,000 Make a wish: "Fight the Strongest Robot." Weirdly, the pilot doesn't have to die in order for the battle to be won. Just wail on Robosuit itself.
Overlord Zetta 300 30,000 Make a wish: "Fight the Strongest Overlord." This is a numbers game. Zetta's Defense stat is nearly 70k. To comfortably beat him before his abilities overwhelm you, shoot for offensive types with an ATK stat of at least 20k.
Pram N/A N/A Kill 50 or more of your own units throughout the game (doubtless for their juicy, juicy mana score) and Pram's the final boss. This leads to one of several "bad endings." Try not to shoot for this on your first playthrough. Pram's power is ridiculous, and you won't even be able to recruit her yet.

Characters That Can Be Unlocked During Your Third Playthrough

Four more folks will tag along with you beginning with your third run should you happen to meet their requirements.

Character Required Leader Level Mana Cost Acquisition Notes
Valvoga 250 10,000 At any time in the first few chapters, make a wish: "Battle Valvoga." (Or something to that approximation.) This wish request won't show up until the third time through the game. Unfortunately, the Valvoga you'll get from this isn't the massive one in cutscenes, but a smaller version of itself.
Babylon 200 9,000 Between the second and eighth chapters, Babylon can be acquired by requesting to "Fight Young Babylon." You shouldn't have much difficulty here so long as you've bested Zetta already.
Seedle 160 7,000 Seedle can be fought via make a wish between the third and eighth chapters. Select "Fight Against Seedle." N/A
Salome 180 8,000 Make a wish: "Fight with Salome." This is probably only available during the fifth through eighth chapters, though we've received conflicting reports that it's up during the fourth. (It wasn't for us.) Recruiting Salome wraps up the game with another "bad" ending.
King Drake 120 5,000 Only during the sixth, seventh, and eighth chapters, the option to make a wish to "Fight King Drake" will appear. N/A

Characters That Can Be Unlocked During Your Fourth and Fifth Playthroughs

The final three secret characters in Makai Kingdom make you work even harder to earn their appropriation. Alexander alone can be grabbed on the fourth, while Asagi and Yoshitsuna demand a fifth.

Character Required Leader Level Mana Cost Acquisition Notes
Salome N/A N/A The boss battle in stage 8-6, which concludes the penultimate chapter of the game, involves Salome and Alexander clashing (and the wise course of action being to steer clear). You'll need to betray Salome here to ensure Alexander comes out on top, which isn't exactly sunshine-and-rainbows considering Alexander won't take a hint and may well keep pummeling you in the meantime. Getting Salome means ending the game early again, though at least this is a fairly interesting ending!
Asagi 1,000 100,000 Make a wish: "Get a Preview of the Next Game!" This is downright ironic. Asagi was slated to be the protagonist of a game called Makai Wars, hence her sneak preview here in Makai Kingdom. Sadly for her, the game was canceled. And yet, she's endured far beyond what she would have had she been the lead of just one outing; Nippon Ichi has adopted the "displaced heroine" as something of a mascot, and she's popped up in plenty of games since.
Yoshitsuna 300 20,000 One last wish! "Fight the Strongest Enemy in the Game." This request won't trigger, even on your fifth playthrough, unless you have already fought Zetta. In case you're wondering, yes, Yoshitsuna truly is the strongest enemy in the game. His Defense stat alone is over 320k, and he hits like a truck even against characters with the required level. (He's deadly at far higher levels, even.) Equip your best units with Beam Sabers after grinding Free Dungeons to secure particularly powerful gear.

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