How To Unlock Control Hidden Trophies

Playing a game is way more than just completing the main story. Players have sidequests, easter eggs, secret areas, and tons of additional content that really enhance their gaming experience. But for the collectors out there, there’s nothing as satisfying as getting Platinium in a game they love.

To be able to brag about your Platinium status, you’ll have first to collect all the trophies in the game. Sounds easy? Well, keep in mind that developers know about the Platinium-hunt, so they spice things up by making the trophies hard to get or making them a secret.

If there are hidden trophies, you’ll have to think out of the box to unlock them. Control has 67 trophies for you to earn, and you better bet a good chunk of them are hidden. However, to get Platinium in this game, you’ll only need to get the main story’s trophies. Still, if you want to master this game totally, go ahead and obtain every hidden trophy Remedy’s Control has for you.

Control’s Main Story Hidden Trophies

While there are 15 total hidden trophies in the main campaign, 10 of them are obtained just by completing the ten main missions the game has. So you’ll get them just by playing the story. However, the remaining five require a little bit of extra work.

Altered Manifestations May Occur

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By defeating esseJReward: Unlocks the Asynchronous Suit

esseJ is Jesse’s dark version, and one of the optional bosses Control has. You’ll find her during the side mission “Self-reflection.” This mission will have Jesse traveling to a parallel world through a mirror. Once there, you’ll encounter esseJ, and the boss fight will start.

This enemy has the same abilities as Jesse, so this fight is one of the hardest ones in the game. Additionally, there isn’t much room for cover in the area. The best you can do is wait to fight esseJ in the later stages of the story when Jesse has unlocked her full potential, and hopefully, you’ll have good weapons, and personal mods equipped.

Aggressive Growth

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By defeating Mold-1

The Hiss isn’t the only thing trying to take control over the Oldest House. Before the events of the game, a Mold Threshold began to thrive in the Research Sector. It turns out that the source of this area is Mold-1, a paranormal entity that takes over other living things within its range, so Jesse has to stop it.

You’ll encounter this monster during the “Old Growth” side mission. This boss fight is really challenging, so you should wait till you unlock Jesse’s Shield and Levitation abilities, so you can effectively avoid Mold-1 attacks.

Head of Communications

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By defeating Mr. Tommasi

You’ll fight Tommasi more than once; however, his boss fight happens in the late-game moments, specifically after you’ve completed the seventh main story mission. This time, Tommasi will be in the Containment Sector, so speak to Pope in the Boardroom and then head over there to defeat him finally.

Living Archetypes

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By defeating the Anchor

To defeat The Anchor, you’ll first need to find the entity; this one is another of those missable bosses in the game. To do that, just head over to the Containment Sector and start the side mission “The Enemy Within.” You’ll find the Anchor when you’re tasked with the “Investigate the Safe Room” objective.

You’ll start noticing that something isn’t right (as it usually happens in this game) because hundreds of clocks are everywhere; it looks like if a sea of clocks just passed through the place. You’ll eventually encounter the paranormal creature; it’s an exciting fight because one of the boss’ attacks is spittings clocks in your direction. Nevertheless, just defeat the boss and get your trophy.

Astral Phenomena

Grade: SilverHow to get it: By defeating Former

Former is one of the most mysterious enemies you’ll encounter. He can communicate with Jesse and, at one point, was a member of the Board. You’ll fight this entity during the “Fridge duty” side mission. To start that mission, go to Panopticon’s fourth floor in the Containment sector and find a room with a fridge in it.

The Foundation DLC Hidden Trophies

Astral Plumbing

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By discovering the Astral Plane restroom

Unlike the previous trophies, this one doesn’t require you to fight some paranormal entity. This time all you have to do is head to the Collapsed Department. Don’t worry, as just by following the story, you’ll get to that area. Once you’re there and after the big fight happens, find the bathrooms on the big door’s right, then just go inside and see that some of the walls are missing and the astral plane has merged with the place.

One of Us

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By gathering all the Maneki-nekosReward: A pair of cat ears Jesse can wear

In a rather cute twist, you can complete a hidden puzzle to unlock a super cute pair of cat ears Jesse can wear, sort of like an extra secret outfit. To obtain this trophy, all you have to do is discover and gather all of the 8 Maneki-nekos statues hidden throughout the Foundation. You’ll find them here:

  • The Astral Collision
  • In the excavation site below the Cave Bridge control point
  • In the Chasm
  • In the second mobile lab located at the main area of the Warehouse
  • Between levels 5 and 6 of the Warehouse
  • Behind the wall with the Shawshank Redemption poster, at the Data Entry and Filing room
  • In the men’s restroom at the Collapsed Department
  • In a box after completing the ritual in the Collapsed Department

Once you’ve found all the cats, just go to the Firebreak in the Collapsed Department and levitate towards the far left bridge, there you’ll see all of the Maneki-nekos, and a wall will open.

Star Performance

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By completing the side mission “Jesse Faden starring in Swift Platform.”

Control is known for its mind-blowing imagery and the usage of color to make players feel like they’re entering a completely different reality. This side mission is a prime example of those things. You’ll start “Jesse Faden starring in Swift Platform” by going down the elevator in the Collapsed Department that has a ‘Transit Access’ sign.

Eventually, you’ll find a cart that’s on a train track and has a film camera; however, this camera is an altered item, so it will take off as soon as you walk towards it. This triggers a high-speed rail chase mini-game that’s just a delightful gaming experience.

Altered World Events DLC Hidden Trophies

Familiar Methodologies

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By fighting off Hartman

To get this trophy, you’ll have to complete the mission “A Dark Place,” which is the first mission in the “Altered World Events” DLC. Towards the end, you’ll encounter a semi-boss fight with Hartman; your objective here is not to fight him but to drive him away from the room by activating four generators. You know you’re on the right track because a cut-scene will start where Jesse tries to fight off Hartman.

Surge of Power

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By upgrading Surge to the maximum level

Surge is a Service Weapon form that’s exclusive to the “Altered World Events” DLC. This form allows Jesse to throw sticky bombs at enemies and trigger the explosions at her will. To get this trophy, all you have to do is upgrading the form at its maximum level, like with the other forms, this will cost you Source Energy and other materials.

Surge Level 1 requires:

  • 15,000 Source Energy
  • 1 Shaded Facet
  • 3 Confiscated Motive
  • 2 Hidden Trend

Surge Level 2 requires:

  • 20,000 Source Energy
  • 7 Confiscated Motive
  • 3 Shaded Facet
  • 4 Hidden Trend

Surge Level 3 requires:

  • 25,000 Source Energy
  • 15 Shaded Facet
  • 9 Hidden Trend
  • 1 Untapped Potential

The Third Thing

Grade: SilverHow to get it: By defeating Hartman

Hartman once was a psychiatrist, but he interacted way too much with the Dark Place and the Hiss, so now he is more like a creature than a human. You’ll face this guy six times throughout the game, but only the last time will be a proper boss fight. Finally, defeating him will unlock this trophy.

Vending Spree

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By destroying 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instances

During your time exploring the new Investigations area, you might notice that vending machines are all over the place. Some of them are normal, while others are altered items. To find out which is which, you’ll have to attack them and see for yourself. You’ll get the “Vending Spree” trophy when you destroy 80% of those machines.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Grade: BronzeHow to get it: By attaching a Surge grenade to an object and Launch it at an enemy

This one explains itself, just go to any fast travel point and select the Weapon forms options to unlock Surge, a new Service Weapon form(it cost 15,000 Source Energy for the base level). Then attach one of its grenades-ammo to an object, and then use Jesse’s launch ability to throw that object at an enemy. Easy peasy.

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