How To Unlock All Characters In Vampire Survivors

There's a lot of in-game content that you can unlock by completing stages in Vampire Survivors, achieving certain milestones, and most certainly by beating a boss whose attack pattern you've memorized after the thirtieth time you've died to them.

Unlocking all the characters in Vampire Survivors means you've got to play the game a few times through, all while killing a bunch of enemies, leveling up your items and weapons, and maybe even beating Red Death himself. Many characters can be unlocked through conventional methods, but there are a few secret characters that require more unique actions to unlock.

Unlocking The Main Roster Of Characters

The main characters are all unlockable by playing the game as you normally would. Their respective conditions can also be seen in the Unlocks menu, letting you play with a goal in mind other than just surviving for as long as you can.

Antonio Belpaese

Antonio is a character that's unlocked by default and free to play, so there's no need to do anything else besides booting up the game and jumping in.

Imelda Belpaese

She's the second character who's unlocked by default, and she can be bought for ten gold coins.

Pasqualina Belpaese

Pasqualina's starting weapon is Runetracer, she's unlocked by default and can be bought for 100 gold coins.

Gennaro Belpaese

Gennaro is one of the last characters that's unlocked by default and can be bought for 500 gold coins.

Arca Ladonna

You can unlock Arca by leveling up the Fire Wand to level four and then buying him for 500 gold coins.

Porta Ladonna

She can be unlocked by leveling up the Lightning Ring to level four, after which you can buy Porta for 500 gold coins.

Lama Ladonna

While a little trickier, she can be unlocked by surviving for 20 minutes while your Curse is at ten percent. This can be done by using either the PowerUp or picking up an item, like Skull O'Maniac. She can be bought for 500 gold coins.

Poe Ratcho

You can unlock Poe by upgrading the item, Garlic, to level seven. After doing that you can buy him for 500 gold coins.

Suor Clerici

Clerici has to be unlocked by healing 1,000 health points in total, which accounts for all runs. She can then be bought for 500 gold coins.


You can unlock Dommario by collecting more than 5,000 gold coins in a single run, after which he'll be available to purchase for 500 gold coins.

Krochi Freetto

To unlock Krochi, you have to beat a total of 100,000 enemies, after that you can buy them for 500 gold coins.

Christine Davain

You can unlock Christine by leveling up the weapon, Pentagram, to level seven. After that, she can be bought for 500 gold coins.

Pugnala Provola

Pugnala can be unlocked after opening the coffin in the Mad Forest, as indicated by a question mark on your map. She can then be bought for 1,000 gold coins.

Giovanna Grana

You can unlock Giovanna by finding the coffin in the Inlaid Library, which lets you buy her for 1,000 gold coins.

Poppea Pecorina

Poppea can be unlocked after you found the coffin in the Dairy Plant, she'll then be available for purchase for 1,000 gold coins.

Concetta Caciotta

Finding Concetta's coffin in Gallo Tower will unlock her, although the coffin is located in a secret room and can only be reached through a certain mirror. She can then be purchased for 1,000 gold coins.


Mortaccio can be unlocked in two different ways. You can either kill 3,000 Skeletons and then pay 500 gold coins, or you can enter the code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, escape, enter) while in the main menu and receive 2,800 gold coins.

Yatta Cavallo

You can unlock Yatta by killing 3,000 Lion Heads. They can then be bought for 500 gold coins.

Bianca Ramba

Bianca can be unlocked by killing 3,000 Milk Elementals, which you can usually find in the Dairy Plant. After doing that you can buy her for 500 gold coins.

O'Sole Meeo

You can unlock this character by killing 3,000 Dragon Shrimps, which includes Flame, Serpentine, and Flame Serpentine Dragon Shrimps. They can be bought for 500 gold coins.

Sir Ambrojoe

To unlock Sir Ambrojoe, you have to kill 6,000 Stage Killers and Elite Stage Killers, which counts across saves and runs. They can be bought for 500 gold coins after.

Iguana Gallo Valletto

Also referred to as "Gallo", you can unlock them by obtaining Infinite Corridor. Once you've done this, they can be bought for 2,000 gold coins.

Divano Thelma

You can unlock Divano after getting Crimson Shroud. They are then available for purchase for 2,000 gold coins.

Zi'Assunta Belpaese

Zi'Assunta can be unlocked by finding the coffin in Cappella Magna, after which you can buy her for 5,000 gold coins.

Queen Sigma

You'll be able to unlock Queen Sigma after all entries have been completed in the Collection. She won't cost any gold coins once you've unlocked her.

Unlocking Every Secret Character

Unlocking the main characters in Vampire Survivors is straightforward enough, you just have to kill a few enemies here, find a few coffins there, and you'll have most of them unlocked already. The secret cast of characters is much more tricky to unlock, however, as they need specific conditions to be met which can get complicated really quickly.

Exdash Exiviiq

To unlock Exdash, you have to cast a spell and type "x-x1viiq", or you could collect Little Clovers for a chance to unlock them. The chance is determined by TotalCollected/65,535, where the Total Collected refers to how many you have already.


You can unlock Toastie by casting a spell called "tramezzini" in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. This can only be done after Exdash has been unlocked.

Smith IV

Smith IV can be unlocked by typing the word "spam" in the main menu, starting a 30-second timer. You can now go to the character selection screen, type "spam" again, and the same at the stage selection screen. Once you're in a run, type "humbug". Smith IV will be unlocked once you're done with the run.


Random can be unlocked by opening a coffin for the second time on any stage. You can then buy them for 5,000 gold coins.

Boon Marrabbio

You can unlock Marrabbio by following the trail after picking up Pummarola and Skull O'Maniac in the Mad Forest. You should also have picked up 100 Floor Chickens in total, although it's safe if you get the last one in this particular run. After all of that, Marrabbio can then be bought for 666 gold coins.

Avatar Infernas

To unlock this character, you first have to beat the game's final boss, the Directer, in Eudaimonia Machine. After doing that you'll get a hint that leads you to the inverted Inlaid Library, once there you'll be able to find a puzzle that you have to figure out in order to unlock Avatar Infernas. You can then buy him for 666 gold coins.

Minnah Mannarah

Unlocking Mannarah means you've got to steal some cheese. First, obtain Yellow Sign then go to Dairy Plant. The cheese is west of the Armor item and northwest of your spawn point. Defeat the seven werewolves that spawn, and you'll be able to buy Mannarah for 666 gold coins.


You can unlock Leda by going to Gallo Tower and beating her. Once you spawn you should move south until the surrounding area becomes so dark that only your character is visible. She spawns in the middle of the tower and can be easily missed. Once you've beaten her she'll be available for purchase for 666 gold coins.

Cosmo Pavone

To unlock Cosmo, you need the item called Yellow Sign and you should already have unlocked Zi'Assunta. You then have to go to Cappella Magna with a character that does not have Golden Eggs. Once in Cappella Magna, you need to pick up Peachone and Ebony Wings, and then head north past the Crown and Tiragisú items until you can see another item, Nduja Fritta Tanto, on a balcony. Picking up that item spawns Cosmo, removing the gate blocking you from the balcony. Cosmo can be bought for 666 gold coins.


For Peppino, you have to go to Il Molise and use an item called Celestial Dusting to heal the plants, instead of attacking them. Once you've restored 100,000 health points, a jingle will play which means you've unlocked the character. They can then be bought for 666 gold coins.

Big Trouser

Unlocking Big Trouser involves going to Moongolow and leveling up all 16 stage items to their highest level. Once you've maxed out all the items you have to manually exit the stage. You will then be able to buy Big Trouser for 5,000 gold coins.


To unlock MissingN▯, you need to have Yellow Sign unlocked. You have to go to Green Acres and enter with Hyper and Hurry mode activated. Once in the stage, you must move 18 tilesets south, then 18 tilesets west. The environment changes, after which enemies will spawn, and you'll need to kill 128 of them. They'll cost 66,666 gold coins.

Gains Boros

Gains can be unlocked by going to The Bone Zone and moving north past the Silver Ring. You'll find a ring of flowers that heals you by 8 health points every half-second. Staying in the ring for ten seconds will trigger a jingle, signaling that you've unlocked Gains Boros. You can then purchase them for 666 gold coins.


You can unlock Gyorunton by surviving for 15 minutes in Boss Rash with one weapon. To pull it off, you can use the relic Mindbender to limit the number of weapons you pick up. You can then buy them for 5,000 gold coins.

Mask of the Red Death

To unlock Mask of the Red Death you have to kill Death. You can do this by surviving until the end of any stage's time limit, which spawns them, and then you must beat them. After doing that you'll be able to buy them for 666 gold coins.


Scorej-Oni can be unlocked after defeating them as a boss on Tiny Bridge. From your spawn point, walk 20 tilesets to the east where you'll encounter them. After beating them, Scorej-Oni will be available to purchase for 5,000 gold coins.

While most players enjoy their games as is, unlocking characters or items as they come, you find satisfaction and entertainment in completing a game to its fullest extent. You may even consider yourself a completionist; finding every item and following objectives down to the last detail, the game can't hide anything from you.

If that perfectly describes you, then Vampire Survivors is certainly a game that needs no less than your full attention. It's a fun game with lots of surprises, a must-play if you're into roguelikes.

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