How To Set Up Parental Controls On PlayStation

The PlayStation parental controls can be managed through the consoles them selves but the Sony website offers a much simpler and easier way to change things. Once you've set up everything you can easily view and manage your settings without needing to navigate the console menus with a controller.

Here's everything you need to know about PlayStation 4 and 5 parental controls.

Creating A PlayStation (PSN) Account

The first thing you'll need to do it set up a PSN Account which can be done through the console or via the web. If you are unsure about how to do this then you can use our step by step guide.

Once your account is created you can simply log into the website and you'll see a Family Management section. This is where most of the settings are. To create your family group choose Add Family Member followed by Create User. You can now create child accounts. You'll need your child's name and date of birth to do this. Parental accounts can also be added by entering their details.

A second adult added to the group and tagged as a parent can manage device settings but is unable to add or remove members of the family.

How To Set Up Parental Controls On PSN

All parental controls are set up by choosing the relevant option in the Family Management menu. Each setting has an edit button which brings up a drop down menu giving you options to choose from.

Managing these settings via the website is by far the easiest way to change them.

When you are on the menu you can see at a glance and current setting and if it's incorrect you can simply hit edit and change it with a click. Here are all the options Sony offer.


This sets screen time limits and allows you to specify a maximum number of hours in a day on a per weekday basis, as well as a range of playable hours. You can also choose to log your child out of their account when their time is up.

Applications And Devices

Here you can apply age restrictions to the following:

  • PS 3 and PS4 Games
  • PS5 Games
  • Blu-Ray Discs
  • DVDs
  • PlayStation VR
  • Web Browsing

Media and games are restricted by age but the browser and VR settings simply prevent these features from being used.

Network Features

These allow you to prevent all text of voice chat on the account. You can also set a monthly spending limit.

Allowed Games

Here you can see any games that have been allowed by the parental pin being used to give authorisation. This currently only works for PS5 games.

You can also approve requests to allow communication on a per game basis. To get this to work you need to have restricted all communication first.

While the PlayStation controls are not quite as flexible as some, they offer a good range of useful limitations to help make sure your child is playing safely.

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