How To Make An Overpowered Necromancer In Evil Dead: The Game

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The Necromancer commands the Army of Darkness in Evil Dead: The Game, scourging the earth with skeletons clad in medieval armor. The Necromancer's bony minions aren't as powerful individually as those of the Warlord or the Puppeteer, but they can be summoned in great numbers to overwhelm the Survivors.

The Necromancer is also a great choice for players who like to enter the fray themselves, with a powerful, sword-swinging Boss that can make short work of an isolated Survivor. Read on to learn how to command the skeletal swarm and overrun the world of the living!

Necromancer Units

The Necromancer's skeletons are comparable to the Deadites commanded by the Warlord, though their steel armor makes them slightly more durable. While in spirit form, the Necromancer's action ability summons a musician that buffs all nearby skeletons as long as they continue to play. At the center of a large group, the piper can make the Army of Darkness an insurmountable threat!

While the musician cannot fight or move, they can be destroyed by the Survivors. Try to summon them in a safe place – on the other side of a fence or a wall. At the very least try to force the Survivors to expend ammo taking down the piper.

Necromancer Unit Abilities

Unit Square(PS) / X (XBox) Triangle (PS) / Y (XBox) Circle (PS) / B (XBox) X (PS) / A (XBox)
Skeleton Lunging Thrust: Melee attack with long windup but good power and range. War Cry: Knockback nearby Survivors and deal minor damage. None. Dodge.
Elite Skeleton Trident Smash: Charging attack that deals AoE damage at the end. Trident Toss: Powerful mid-range attack. None. None (cannot Dodge).
Evil Ash (Boss) Skeletal Support: Summon several basic Skeletons. Skeleton Resurrection: Creates an aura that resurrects any Skeletons killed within its radius. Infernal Invigoration: Grabs a Survivor and drains their Health, healing Evil Ash. Dodge.

Boss Gameplay Tips

Evil Ash is an implacable foe whose combat prowess is only surpassed by Henrietta. When the time comes to materialize, prepare beforehand by summoning the Piper. The moment Evil Ash appears on the battlefield, cast Skeletal Support to call in more troops. Keep an eye on their health and try to pop Skeleton Resurrection just before the first minion goes down.

More than any other Boss, Evil Ash fights like a Survivor thanks to his broadsword – use that to your advantage, assailing your chosen victim with a combination of light and heavy attacks to keep them off balance.

If you're sufficiently leveled up to be able to use Infernal Invigoration, do so when your health is about halfway depleted – especially if any Survivors are down. The grabbed Survivor won't be able to revive anyone, and anybody who is left will have to choose between reviving the fallen or breaking the grab.

Key Skills

Like his infernal brethren, the Necromancer has a large Skill Tree that will take a long time to fill. Prioritize your selections by looking for the skills that will give you the most advantage right away. Our recommendations are as follows:

Infernal Revenue (Tier 1)

The Necromancer's early access to Infernal Revenue lets him gain more Infernal Energy from orbs. This in turn lets you place more traps and portals, increasing your Fear and the number of units you can bring onto the map.

Bone Rage (Tier 3)

Since the Necromancer wants to have large numbers of Skeletons in play whenever possible, Bone Rage makes the Army of Darkness even more dangerous by making basic units attack more often. Since Health Raiser: Basic is a prerequisite for Bone Rage, you'll also increase the survivability of your troops in the process of leveling up to it.

Irreparable Damage (Tier 4)

Immediately after Bone Rage is a key skill for the Necromancer, Irreparable Damage. It prevents Survivors from recovering health by any means for one second after being hit by an attack from Evil Ash. As long as you keep up your attacks, even passive heals like Cheryl's action ability won't save your target.

As you increase the Necromancer's overall level, you'll unlock some exceptional passive abilities. At Level 15, all your Skeletons will cause Survivors to gain Fear just by being nearby.

At Level 45, Skeletons will also increase the damage nearby Survivors take from all sources, making it all the more critical that you call in the troops immediately upon materializing as Evil Ash.

Buffed Bones (Tier 6)

The Survivors are already in trouble when Evil Ash enters the fight. With Buffed Bones, available without prerequisite once Tier 6 is unlocked, the Skeletons summoned by Evil Ash's Skeletal Support ability gain improved health and damage beyond what they normally have. This makes the sword-wielding Demon even more of a threat.

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